SDWAN Solutions Predictions 2021

Kelly Rogers, CMO, SDWAN Solutions SRL (Belgium) ,  SDWAN Solutions Limited (UK)Kelly Rogers, CMO, SDWAN Solutions SRL (Belgium) , SDWAN Solutions Limited (UK), a multi award-winning SD-WAN and SaSe company, (ranked in the top ten of SD-WAN Suppliers by this very publication!) with operations across the UK, EU and Africa, see big changes for the SD-WAN market in 2021. Many of these trends are emerging from the global pandemic and the huge surge in homeworking, but are being further driven by the dawning realisation that we’re not about to return to the ‘office as normal’ any time soon, if ever, as homeworking takes root.

SaSe Gets Sassy and Goes Mainstream

With many businesses now operating from their employees’ homes there is growing recognition that data is at risk and many CTOs and CISO see SaSe as the imperative technology to install as early as possible in 2021. SaSe is an acronym for SECURE ACCESS SERVICE EDGE and refers to a network solution that combines WAN function with security, to deliver physical or Cloud based network security at every edge location on the network. 2021 will see the boundaries between network and security teams begin to blur as they start sharing single devices and solutions. Already, as this technology comes of age in 2021, accreditation of what a true SaSe solution should, or even must, offer will come under scrutiny – expect the MEF to start work on this over the coming year.
The Rise of the Subscription Price Model

The subscription and per user payment models will not only be the new way to sell to many cash-strapped verticals, but will soon become an expectation. The days of businesses signing up to rigid fixed solution CAPEX contracts are rapidly becoming a thing of the past – technology vendors who don’t offer flexible services and OPEX or subscription payment options may well see their customers jump ship when old contracts expire.

It’s Not Just the CTO Driving the Rush on Digital Transformation

CTOs are already aware of the pressing need to update networks and security to incorporate the home/remote working model, but other’s in the C-Suite are rapidly coming to the same conclusion. Many are driven by the almost constant state of flux in working locations driven by lockdowns and recognise the need for flexible networks, whilst CFOs can see the huge savings having a home-based workforce brings in potential downsizing of office spaces and CISOs are rushing to find best of breed security options, like SaSe, to ensure their data is never compromised.

Be Clear on Clarity or Your Reputation Will Suffer

With the above Rush on Digital Transformation trend across the entire C-suite and not just the CTO, there are many non-techies out there looking for technology to solve their rapidly evolving and solidifying issues, tech vendors need to uber-clear on their messaging. Many SD-WAN vendors have sold ‘less than true SD-WAN’ solutions, leaving them no choice but to scramble around trying to buy a competitor with a working, to save their reputations. And that is the key word here – reputation – be fair, be clear and be ethical in your dealings with companies in a hurry to digitally transform and you will be remembered and respected for years to come. Don’t, and well, you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons!
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