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Avesha: Bringing Scalability to Cloud Applications

Top Featured Vendors (December-January)

The internet of things (IoT) is gaining traction in a variety of businesses. Despite its rapid popularity and all of the optimistic predictions, there's another side to the revolution that's incredibly interesting. When a network scales to thousands of devices, businesses frequently miss out on an accurate assessment of the technological requirements. A bandwidth-efficient, high-capacity communication solution that can manage millions of daily transmissions without affecting message deliverability is critical to a future-proof IoT architecture. New devices can be effortlessly incorporated into the network without interrupting existing devices' functioning. Unlike consumer applications, most industrial deployments occur in remote locations with differential topography or metallic, structurally dense environments that are inaccessible to many wireless network solutions.

To eliminate the "blind spot" concerns associated with cellular services and other third-party managed connectivity, consider a private deployment in which companies will have complete control over network coverage. Furthermore, wireless technologies running in the sub-gigahertz frequency bands, like the low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), provide a better range and strong penetration capabilities for reliable data connections in high-rise buildings and substantially dense, geographically distributed industry parks.

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    Top Featured Vendors December-January

  • Avesha offers autonomous cloud infrastructure building with seamless scalability of cloud applications with easy, anywhere deployment using AI and RL

  • PingPlotter Cloud provides an IT team the ability to monitor remote workers’ connection issues from outside the managed corporate network. “Network connection issues are frustrating as it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem areas,” says Pete Ness, the CEO of Pingman Tools. PingPlotter Cloud is a specific toolset, developed to help IT teams troubleshoot remote network connectivity. It is designed to be both IT- and customer-facing, making it easier to communicate issues and resolve them faster

  • Founded in 2017, RabbitRun Technologies is driven by the mission to increase reliability and improve the quality of business communications over the internet, offering best-in-class solutions at an affordable price. RabbitRun Technologies' user-friendly and powerful SOHO SD-WAN solution plays a vital role for those businesses adopting cloud-native applications by improving communication quality and reliability with automated failover for internet connections or wireless 4GLTE. More importantly, RabbitRun Technologies’ cloud portal, jump service, and automated QoS minimize the complexity of installation. Also, there is no need for a static IP service that is often costly and difficult to get on home or wireless LTE services

  • Twingate helps organizations rapidly implement zero-trust networking to secure and manage access to their internal resources and SaaS applications in the new era of the hybrid and remote workplace. The company was founded in 2019 with an aim to address the challenges that IT, Security, and DevOps teams face while supporting their remote employees. Twingate offers enterprise-grade services with consumer-grade usability for both IT administrators and end-users, accelerating the adoption of this technology. The company spends a large amount of time making the deployment of its product easy. As a result of these efforts, the product can be deployed in virtually no time, with clients able to get up and running within 15 minutes

  • Offers a unified SaaS-based solution that provides a single interface to provision, secure, monitor, and analyze global enterprise networks.