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Uplevel Systems: Making Managed IT a "No-brainer" for Small Businesses

Tom Alexander, CEO, Uplevel SystemsTom Alexander, CEO
Uplevel Systems was founded by Information Technology (IT) industry veterans who regularly stepped in to help friends and relatives running small businesses and thought, “There has to be a better way.” So they created one.

With the launch of Uplevel’s managed IT infrastructure product, small companies are leaving the old “break/fix” approach—basically waiting until something quits working to upgrade or call in an expert—in favor of high-performing services and a compelling new model: No Money Down.

“Small companies rely on technology every bit as much as large ones—and may be even more vulnerable to hackers—but they can’t afford the same full-time IT staff,” says Tom Alexander, CEO of Uplevel Systems. “By subscribing to managed services, these companies gain the same peace of mind that comes with knowing that experts are watching out for their networks, updating their threat databases, handling backups, and keeping IT issues from impacting the business.”

So How Does Uplevel Help SMBs Adopt Managed Services?

Uplevel overcomes small and medium businesses’ (SMBs) biggest objection-cost-by providing an integrated networking solution with zero up-front charges and a still affordable subscription.

“We wanted to level the playing field for small businesses and the consultants who serve them by providing a fast, easy, and highly affordable network, file server and security upgrade,” Alexander says. “Our Unbox product offers an enterprise-class solution that combines networking, Wi-Fi, voice-over-IP quality, remote/VPN access, files storage, backup, and built-in security, and delivers it all on a pure subscription basis that perfectly aligns to the MSP business model.”

We created Unbox, an integrated offering that fits the IT needs of a business operating with 5-25 employees

Uplevel’s managed service provider (MSP) partners use Unbox to solve customers’ immediate problems and to set up new sites in less than half the usual time. Using Uplevel to upgrade or set up a location with 5 to 25 employees eliminates over $3,000 in up-front equipment costs and allows MSPs to do more configuration and management remotely to avoid pricey site visits.

How are MSPs Reacting?

A prime example of Unbox in action occurred when a Louisiana-based MSP helped a small client upgrade its security at a remote location. “The previous firewall vendor sent new devices that were supposed to be pre-configured, but didn’t work when the client plugged them in,” recalls David DeArmond, owner of Strix LA. “Our technician spent hours on the phone with a VP at the client’s site working through configurations to get the firewalls up and running. What we really needed was an approach that created a better, simpler way of doing things. We replaced the other equipment with Uplevel, and the box did exactly what they said it would. Everything just worked.”

So What’s Next?

“Even more security capabilities,” says Uplevel VP of Marketing Glenn Chagnot. “With many SMBs facing stringent industry regulations such as HIPAA in healthcare and PCI-DSS in retail, Uplevel will continue to enhance Unbox security by adding directory services, geo-blocking and other features to its already robust firewall, intrusion protection, and encryption solutions.”

These and other additions will be offered as ongoing enhancements and advanced features so SMB networks can continue to evolve and leverage the cloud without having to over-invest in new devices or exorbitant renewals.