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Ultatel: Empowering Collaboration using Cloud-based Technology as a Flexible Workspace

Tim Phelps, Marketing Director, Ultatel Tim Phelps, Marketing Director
The Covid-19 pandemic has radically transformed the business world. Among all the changes it has introduced, the quick shift to a remote working model is probably the most prominent and long-lasting one. In fact, reports predict that 70 percent of the global workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month by 2025. As remote working is becoming the new normal, it has become essential for organizations to implement the right communication tools for helping their employees better engage with each other and keeping them productive.

ULTATEL provides a reliable cloud-based phone system for SMBs and enterprises to allow them to connect with customers and colleagues anywhere and anytime. “We enable clients to be always prepared from a communication standpoint. Our cloud-based flagship product, the Clarity Business Phone System, has been specifically designed to help teams stay connected anytime, anywhere, and on any device,” says Tim Phelps, Marketing Director at ULTATEL.

The Clarity Business Phone System allows workers to send messages, make high-definition calls, fax online, and conduct team meetings through video or voice conferencing from anywhere. It is a softphone system and does not require any equipment installed at the client’s location. Anyone can manage the platform without the need for technical expertise. “As the solution is cloud-based, we maintain and upgrade it regularly, eliminating the requirement for additional support solutions for maintaining the platform,” Phelps adds.

ULTATEL provides clients with all the benefits such as visual call flows, interactive voice response (IVR), auto attendance, and transfer calls to enhance team collaboration and customer experience. Additionally, its relatively new feature—video conferencing—offers the capability to connect up toa hundred people toa video meeting or even live stream using YouTube. As such, clients can communicate with multiple customers and vendors at a time. Further, they have added call recording and monitoring features to improve the call center environment. Also, ULTATEL’s user-friendly platform integrates with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics or PipeDrive.

We may not all be in the same place, but we can work closer than ever before

This integration helps measure the effectiveness of calls, improves workflow, streamlines the sales process, and keeps detailed communication records with prospects and existing clients. Teams can quickly identify callers’ identities and access files or data simultaneously to serve customers better. They can record and store all the call-related information in the CRM for future reference.

Further, ULTATEL’s solution connects with Microsoft Teams that has become the go-to collaboration and productivity tool for several Fortune 100 companies. ULTATEL’s Teams SBC is a Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) for direct routing that allows organizations to connect their Teams users to the outside public switched telephone network (PSTN) so they can easily make and receive calls. “We also provide text messaging capability within Microsoft Teams— making our product a truly unified communication solution for clients,” Phelps mentions.

With such a comprehensive offering, ULTATEL has gleaned a legion of clients. One such instance is of an independent insurance agent and broker in Bel Air, Maryland. The client has a nationwide presence and serves customers across various sectors—from federal government contractors, healthcare industry to construction and trade contractors. They were using direct phone extensions without monitoring or call attendance capability that was not sufficient for their requirements. As a growing agency, they needed a more efficient phone system for recording messages and directing calls to concerned individuals. After reviewing and comparing several products, they finally implemented ULTATEL’s solution. As a result, they could free up significant time by quickly directing the calls to the right person and eliminating the need to go to a fax machine for inbound faxes, which ultimately increased their overall productivity. The client also appreciates ULTATEL for their 24/7 support that helped them transition seamlessly from their legacy systems to ULTATEL’s phone system.

Such instances of client success always drive ULTATEL to enhance the capability of its platform. They are currently developing a new application for mobile devices to offer clients additional features. “We aim to boost collaboration and teamwork through unified communication solutions and improve customer experience,” said Phelps. “As we continue to advance our product line, improve our software and expand our reach into the global Partner Channel – you can expect to see more from ULTATEL in the coming year.”
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Tim Phelps, Marketing Director

ULTATEL is one of the most trusted advisor and communication providers by offering a comprehensive, cloud-based telephony offering unified communication solutions. The company’s Cloud PBX solution ties several aspects such as hardware, software, firmware, and other systems into a singular platform. ULTATEL’s cloud portal can be easily used by non-IT experts and provide simple navigation for every end-user in the clients’ organizations. The company’s business products are under the Clarity brand and their call center platforms that customers can choose between. These products further allow businesses to consolidate and integrate all the call data and KPIs into its call center platform for a holistic experience