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Richard A. Jalkut, CEO & President, TPx Communications SeamlessRichard A. Jalkut, CEO & President
Organizations that have their multiple branches spread across different locations require robust network solutions to manage their business-critical applications. The network solutions should align with the modern demands for high security and performance while allowing the users to perform their tasks online. SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) simplifies the enterprise-grade WAN connection with secure, reliable, and easily managed connectivity. This new-age networking technology can seamlessly connect all the remote branch office locations of an organization to a private network quickly and cost-effectively. Not to mention a layer of intelligence that SD-WAN offers to enable real-time visibility into network and application performance. However, most organizations lack the expertise and understanding of SD-WAN that hampers their network innovation efforts. SD-WAN experts can help companies build networks to their specifications, and more importantly, achieve excellent network performance at lower cost by combining broadband Internet with MPLS. Headquartered in California, TPx Communications—a premier managed IT and network connectivity solutions provider—helps businesses expand their bandwidth reliably. Driven by a customer-centric business strategy, TPx is redefining the way enterprises grow, compete, and communicate. With a comprehensive solutions portfolio for unified communications, connectivity and managed IT services, TPx helps companies create a state of connectedness with customers, employees, and suppliers.

TPx allows companies to maximize the throughput, reliability, and performance of their private MPLS and broadband Internet with its application steering and link impairment remediation technologies. The company provides several flexible solutions like Orchestrator and the managed service router (MSR) to assist organizations in leveraging any available Internet access in a service provider-agnostic manner.
TPx’s Orchestrator enables centralized enterprise-wide configuration, real-time monitoring, and data flow orchestration through the SD-WAN overlay network. On the other hand, TPx’s MSR, a compact, thin edge device is zero-IT-touch provisioned from the cloud for secure and optimized connectivity to applications. Besides, TPx’s network technology comprises gateways that offer the advantage of on-demand, scalable, and redundant cloud. Deployable at network points-of-presence, these gateways orchestrate SD-WAN services across the cloud seamlessly. Combined with the MSR, the gateways deliver dynamic multi-path optimization in a way that multiple ordinary broadband links appear as one high-bandwidth link. Further, TPx’s Ethernet ecosystem facilitates clients with rapid services deployment, reliable connectivity to the cloud, and scalable multi-point network bandwidth. This Ethernet ecosystem also offers MPLS VPN and SIP-based SmartVoice as well as high-speed Internet access over Ethernet broadband.

In an instance, one of TPx’s clients, a western US financial lender, was serving customers with a suite of Fiserv applications—from core banking and credit applications to CRM software. This financial lender wanted to upgrade all aspects of its communications infrastructure by working around an existing AT&T contract at several locations on a reliable and consistent basis. Additionally, phone systems had always to be up and running at all its sites. To make all of it work, the financial lender approached TPx for a cost-effective, reliable, and secure network along with hosted unified communications and IT infrastructure support. TPx implemented several solutions like hybrid SD-WAN over the client’s existing AT&T network for prioritized individual app traffic and 4G LTE failover that provided immediate and cost-effective connections. It also delivered data center colocation to free up IT resources. With TPx, the financial lender efficiently managed their sophisticated voice, connectivity, and IT cost-effectively.

Recently, TPx launched UCx Contact Center—a comprehensive, cloud-based contact center solution that delivers a seamless experience for both call center agents and their customers. Moving forward, TPx strives to continue empowering clients’ success through simple and powerful networks.

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Advanced Hybrid Communication Solution Accelerating Business Communication

The new unified smart voice solution offers an all-round communication service, building a future proof business collaboration system.

FREMONT, CA: TPx, the premier managed service provider, has launched UCx SmartVoice, a hybrid unified communication solution. By delivering unified communications, managed IT and network connectivity, TPx has proven to bring comprehensive solutions built on the high-quality VoIP service. Based on the VoIP service, UCx desktop and mobile applications are more than a business phone system. TPx’s newly launched simple and powerful cloud-based communication solution continues to empower its clients’ growth and success.
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TPx Launches UCx SmartVoice Hybrid Unified Communications Solution

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) - TPx Communications, the premier national managed services provider, is pleased to announce the launch of UCx SmartVoice, a hybrid Unified Communications solution.

UCx SmartVoice is a powerful SIP trunking solution that enables a business to implement an advanced collaboration platform while keeping existing PBX hardware in place for voice services. This “hybrid” approach allows for a more gradual migration to cloud-based services and maximizes investments already made in on-premises infrastructure.

The UCx SmartVoice service sends the PBX’s voice traffic over the existing data connection and eliminates the need for separate access for voice. The business will gain VoIP features such as bundled usage, extension dialing between sites, and support for remote users. Dynamic bandwidth allocation adjusts between voice and data as employees’ calling patterns fluctuate.

What’s more, since UCx SmartVoice is part of the UCx platform, TPx can overlay popular Unified Communications tools – including mobile calling, instant messaging, video conferencing, and interactive online meeting spaces – into the SIP environment to create a feature-rich communications solution with a reliable user experience and uniform dial plan.

“With UCx SmartVoice, TPx is now able to serve businesses with a need for both hosted UC and SIP trunking by providing consistent features and functionality between the two. It will also pave the way for these businesses to smoothly migrate to a fully cloud-based UCaaS solution in the future,” said Jamie Minner, Vice President and head of TPx’s UCx line of business.