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Understanding and Preventing DNS Hijacking
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Data security and privacy have always been a major concern for an organization and it seems to sustain in future as well. Businesses spend heavily on their cybersecurity to protect their sensitive data. Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking is one of...

Java Messaging Service: A Catalogue of the Top Use Cases
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The utilities of Java Message Service (JMS) are widely acknowledged, thereby making it a crucial Application Programming Interface (API) platform that is applied in several programs today. Through the use of Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM), JMS...

What Approach a System Designer Must Take to Shift from 4G to 5G
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The 5G NR (new radio) is all set to hit the market, and it is going to present a considerable amount of challenges in front of systems designers transitioning from 4G to 5G. The new technology, 5G runs on different radio spectrum frequencies that...

Frustrations of a Healthcare CIO
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

As a national leading provider of senior healthcare services to 150 care centers in 15 states, Consulate Health Care has grown with a strong focus on patient needs. When I took the post as CIO back in 2014, my team was driven by company goals...

Digital Transformation Starts With Mobility: Some Practical Advice
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Mike Baca, Director, Digital Transformation & Mobility, AmerisourceBergen Corp

IT Leaders currently contemplating digital transformation feel a lot like summer vacationers on their first day at the beach. Excited, they rush to the waters’ edge—after all, that’s where the fun is. But before long, the shock...

Importance of Building an automated and secure networking Infrastructure
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Jean Turgeon, VP & Chief Technologist, Avaya

The Evolution of Networking Industry A lot has changed in the Networking industry over the last five years, but the biggest change is the alignment required with the business owners, as opposed to IT just focusing on providing...

Just What the Doctor Ordered: A New Phone System
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Paul Shenenberger, CIO, Summit Medical Group of New Jersey

It’s difficult to imagine a field where reliable, efficient phone service is more important than in healthcare. But the rapid expansion at the multi-campus Summit Medical Group in New Jersey added another wrinkle when it came to updating...

Managing Unified Communications and Lego bricks: Drawing Parallels
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Mike Frayne, CEO ,VOSS Solutions

Many of us enjoyed playing with Lego® building bricks when we were kids. Back then, you'd buy a box of Lego and let your imagination run wild. Have you have tried to buy Lego bricks recently; for your kids or maybe your grandkids? You may...

Customers and Employees Are In Charge - Now What?
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Laurent Philonenko, SVP of Corporate Strategy & Development & CTO, Avaya

How Open Mobile Engagement is Forcing Enterprise Convergence The idea of enterprise-wide digital convergence is not new. CIOs have been on a quest to create a converged digital enterprise for decades. Achieving enterprise-wide convergence...

XFdtd's Circuit Element Software Powered by Optenni Lab Optimizes Matching Circuit Topologies
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STATE COLLEGE, PA: Remcom integrates Optenni Lab’s matching circuit optimization software to XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software, since it enables XFdtd users to generate a suitable network topology and initial component values for...

Amazing Computer Service: Standardized Security. Satisfactory Service.
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Al Perez, President & CEO

ACS implements a standardized suite of security tools in documented processes, with a focus on providing all-round customer service

Diversified: Reliable, Scalable & Agile UC Practice
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Tom Spearman, SVP, Advanced Visual Environments

Diversified’s Unified Communications Solutions Practice enables meaningful, productive, and multimodal collaboration

Network to Code: Unlocking IT Innovation through Automation
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Jason Edelman, Founder

A boutique consultancy delivering technology solutions and services focused on emerging networking technologies

Mobius Partners: Embracing the Transformative Power of IT
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Javier Uribe & Junab Ali, President & Co-founders

A relationship-driven IT solutions provider enabling organizations to maximize the value of their data center investment...

PLUMgrid: Operationalizing OpenStack Cloud with Virtual Networking
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Larry Lang, CEO

PLUMgrid provides multi-tenancy, security, scale and performance for cloud’s virtual network infrastructure

IPitimi: Advancing IP Telephony, One Customer at a Time
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Greg Nielsen, Founder & CEO

Offers advanced VoIP solutions for enterprises and contact centers

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