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Why Enterprises Prefer Private 5G?
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Private 5G wireless networks are expected to win the attention of enterprise IT managers who are looking for dedicated systems that promise to offer next-level performance, security, reliability, and privacy for IIoT applications. FREMONT, CA:...

How is Wireless Tech Enhancing Smart Automobiles?
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The innovations in wireless technology have manifested themselves as highly functional applications in modern automobiles. FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry has always been a keen user of wireless technology, now re-forming the driving...

How a Secure Network Can Benefit a Startup
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The network is a crucial component that can help in starting as well as in the growth of a networking startup, but selecting the appropriate interface to enhance the company can get tricky. FREMONT, CA: A secure network foundation in a startup...

5 Enterprise Networking Technologies that Every CIO Must Know About
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Slow networking is old news. It is now time for multi-cloud, edge computing, and intend-based networking for enhanced enterprise networks. FREMONT, CA: From writing on paper to feeding information on to the computer to cloud, our connected...

5G Technology - The Game has Begun
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5G—the next generation after 4G is all set to begin in 2019. It has the potential to reform societies, economies, and our fast-paced lifestyle. FREMONT, CA: Every year, digital technology takes a significant leap beyond the...

Telefonica, McAfee, and Allot Collaboratively Launched Conexion Segura Empresas - a Cybersecurity Solution
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Erez Antebi, CEO

Conexión Segura Empresas, the cybersecurity solution developed by Telefónica, along with McAfee and Allot is designed to prevent phishing. FREMONT, CA: According to research conducted by Telefónica, small and medium-sized...

Communication Technology Infrastructure that Delivers Secure Wireless Network capabilities to Smart Cities
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Kevin Aycock, Founder and CEO, InfraSite

The key to the rapid development of urban spaces is connectivity. A new-age connectivity solution, an underground box, has the potential to create reliable network linkages.   FREMONT, CA: InfraSite, the provider of new-age telecom...

Reshaping the Future of Wireless Networking with Internet Of Things
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Powered by 5G, Internet of Things unleashes its full potential for better connectivity and customer services.   FREMONT, CA:  The revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining heights continuously. The increase in connected...

Wireless IoT and How it impacts Consumers and Businesses
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IoT is still in its early stages of deployment in several industries, and many businesses are not completely aware of the risks involved with it. But with many devices connecting to the network, organizations need to prepare for the wireless...

Wireless Communication: As Wide as Sky!
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The terminology wireless itself carries a reference to the transmission of information or communication over distance, in the absence of cables, wires, or any other conductors. It is one of the most significant media for data communication from...

Wireless Technologies in Healthcare...It's No Longer Optional
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Justin Fair, Director, IT Infrastructure, UMC Health System

Wireless Technologies have evolved significantly over time from something that was simply a nice to have and convenient option to a business service that is required in order to save lives. Within healthcare, as in most industries, the ability to...

More Linked Devices for a Connected Experience
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Almost all electronic devices now have the ability to be part of an array of networks. IoT propagates such vision of interconnectivity and wireless connections are making it a reality. FREMONT, CA: Automation and control are key facets of the...

Act Smart on the utility of 5G and WI-Fi 6
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Enterprises need to be resourceful on benefiting from the use of 5G technology and Wi-Fi 6 wireless automation FREMONT, CA: The debate is on who wins the race between 5G cellular network technology and the next-generation wireless standard...

Traditional Wireless Network or Wireless Mesh Network, Which One would you Prefer?
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Traditional wireless networks do not allow cross-coverage of access points, whereas a wireless mesh network offers multiple nodes for the devices utilizing the network. FREMONT, CA: Many organizations across the globe are leveraging mesh...

Wireless But Not Powerless!
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FREMONT, CA: The most convenient way to stay connected with the employees in a company is by using a wireless business network which can enable both the parties to converse with each other without any physical appearances. Anyhow, implementing...

Optimization of Data Centers Using Wireless Sensors
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FREMONT, CA: Data centers have become inevitable, and so has the increasing use of electricity needed to keep them functioning. The increasing consumptions have put everybody in the state of bother. In this situation, wireless sensor networks have...

Creating a Robust Wireless Network Security Policy
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Modern enterprise network may include a wide range of wireless devices including computers, phones, IP cameras, and connected appliances. With more devices being connected malicious actors have better opportunities to disrupt business operations....

5G: The E2E Software Defined Network
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Marie-Paule Odini, Director, Distinguished Technologist, NFV, SDN, 5G, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Telecom networks have long been dedicated networks for Fixed, mobile or broadband communications with even some special implementations for government, policy or security departments. Lately, with IoT, some new technologies around Low Power...

Securing Wireless Networks from Cyber Attacks
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Wireless technology has long been standard for corporate networks which support the promise of reliable and stable connectivity and the necessary flexibility. Wireless innovators are continually evolving, bringing new solutions into the arena now...

Hybridization of Digital and IT Transformation
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Tom Burns, SVP & GM, Dell EMC Networking & Solutions

What are the Current Market Trends You See Shaping the Networking Space? Digital transformation is a term we hear frequently, and the networking industry is no exception. At the current rate of data growth, we project the data universe will...