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One Size Fits None: Why SD-WAN Implementations Demand a Custom Approach
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Yulia Duryea, Director of Product Management, SD-WAN, Windstream

Have you had this experience when you are on vacation at the beach? You and your family want to go wind-surfing or sea kayaking, so you go to the equipment rental shop and when it’s time to pick out life jackets, all they have is...

WAN's Inevitable Influence
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Mark Horbal, CIO & CTO, SpringBIG

The Impact on WANs is Inescapable The two most significant trends in computing today are the transformation of traditional computer applications with a footprint on a local machine to SaaS web applications and the parallel migration of...

The Changing Face of Enterprise Technology
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Bill Kohler, CIO Americas, International SOS

The role of the CIO today is very much different today vs. back in Y2K. Technology has moved from a ‘luxury or nice to have’ to ‘a necessary part for most business to be successful in 2017.’ The CIO role has moved...

What Can Your Network Do for You?
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Partha Narasimhan, CTO, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

We are in the midst of a massive transition away from networking technologies that were designed for the 20th century when mobile, IoT and cloud did not exist. Mobile and IoT are creating the perfect storm of risks and opportunities,...

Digital Transformation: The Networking Challenge of Our Time
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Andrew Dugan, SVP- Network Architecture & Engineering, Level 3 Communications

Anywhere we look today, across nearly every industry and continent, we see evidence of a world in the midst of a digital transformation. Regardless of their traditional markets and models, businesses ranging from local coffee shops to...

To The Cloud and Beyond- A Death Knell for Private Data Centers?
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Toney Flack, CIO, Wichita State University

  Those of us who have been “in the business forever” recall with fondness the simple times of “the good old days” when corporate data centers were homogeneous environments and the only “MIS” purchasing...

WAN Optimization Strategy
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Marcus McEwen, EVP Services, MNJ Technologies

WAN Optimization is an umbrella IT term that has no precise definition. It provokes an impression, but each vendor and expert has their own nuanced view of the term. I am going to define it as the use of hardware, software and process to achieve...

Current Market Trends Shaping the Wide Area Network Space
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Mark Fishburn, Director, Market Strategy, Broadband Forum

In our industry, it is easy to be lured by technologies and view them as market trends. It would be easy to reel off the usual acronym list and you are likely expecting SDN, NFV, G.fast, IoT and 5G to appear in this first paragraph. Having gotten...

SDN vs. SD-WAN: A Buyer's Guide
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Ray Watson, VP of Global Technology, Masergy

Based on naming conventions alone Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are easily confused. You’d be forgiven for assuming they are one and the same. Both are relatively new technologies, both...

Survival Strategies for a Post-WAN World: Cloud Architecture, SD-WAN, and the Future of Corporate Networks
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Mike Kozlowski, VP, Product Management, Windstream

Wide Area Networks (WAN) are one of the most durable, longest-standing technologies in the IT world, but the era of WAN as a foundation for corporate computing is nearing an end because of a combination of factors that are quickly making this...

New Paradigm of Converged SD-WAN, Security and Virtualization
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Michael O’Malley, VP Strategy & Business Development, Radware

As IT departments look for more and better ways to offer reliable services to their enterprise users, two significant trends attempt to remake the WAN interface. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is rapidly changing how enterprises deploy connectivity...

What's up with WANS?
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Claire Rutkowski, CIO, Bentley Systems

Today’s Wide Area Networks have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. The deployment and operation of WAN connections can be a daunting manual process that expends valuable IT resources, drives up operating costs and hinders...

The Evolution of the SD-WAN
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Josh Dobies, Senior Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, Riverbed Technology

Today’s WAN is continually changing and both the architecture and the applications it supports are becoming increasingly complex. Not long ago, most applications were housed on-premises and the WAN was a well-defined and predictable...

The Business Value of Software-Defined Networking
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Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble, ADVA Optical Networking

I was recently talking to an IT professional in a mid-size enterprise about some of the issues she faces with today’s tools. Like most IT teams, she and her colleagues are extremely challenged to deliver the expected level of service across...

Growing Broadband - Future Challenges and Opportunities for Service Providers
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Brian Peterson, Regional VP Engineering, Frontier Communication

I remember the early days of broadband clearly. It was around Y2K, as every network provider was rapidly moving customers from dial-up to a newly designed A synchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network providing dedicated Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)...

Why Moving Productivity Apps to the Cloud could Backfire
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Kenny Gilbert, CIO, InvenSense

If you don’t fix this one thing, expect endless complaints from unhappy employees As productivity applications move to the cloud, new problems emerge. Gone are the days when we controlled our own LANs and server farms. Well, those days...

Desktop Virtualization and Secure Collaboration
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Donald Naglich, Corporate Director of IT, Franciscan Ministries

Collaboration tools are all the rage nowadays. Technology is the great enabler, and certainly one of the best uses of it is the ability to easily collaborate. Former barriers are gone, yet there are times that collaboration is neither as easy nor...

Infinera collaborates with Corsa to Bring out Multi-layer SDN-controlled 100G Services
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SUNNYVALE, CA: Infinera and Corsa recently demonstrated the SDN-enabled on-demand 100 gigabits per second packet services; via Corsa's 100G DP6400 switching platform, Infinera’s Cloud Xpress Metro Optical Transport platform and...

Glue Networks Automates SD-WAN with Centralized Orchestration
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FREMONT CA: Considered to be the next breed of WAN optimization, SD-WAN industry is transforming communication networks with considerable advantages over other network configurations. Glue Networks, a provider of WAN solutions, releases...

Versa Networks Enhances its WAN and Branch Technology with VNF Technology
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SANTA CLARA, CA: Versa Networks, a provider of WAN and branch solutions for varied enterprises has achieved advancements in its WAN and branch technology by leveraging Virtualized Network Function (VNF)and Human Computer Interaction (HCI)...

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