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Introducing Instant-Recovery to Restore Lost Files and Test Backup Systems
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Instant recovery allows direct access to restore files quickly while testing the backup system’s working state. FREMONT, CA: Instant recovery was initiated by companies that prefer to choose their backup in a way to directly access it...

EdgeConneX Partners with Lume to Offer the Best in Cloud Solutions
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EdgeConneX brings the best in cloud solutions by leveraging Lume's Cloud Anyware service suite. FREMONT, CA: EdgeConneX is a worldwide provider of data center solutions for a diverse portfolio of industries including Content, Networks,...

The 'Hype' on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
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Rich Holmes, Director-HP Enterprise Group, Pomeroy

There has been considerable hype around software-defined networking since “VMworld 2013.” Unlike traditional networks where each network device has both a control plane and a data plane, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) separates the...

Hybridization of Digital and IT Transformation
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Tom Burns, SVP & GM, Dell EMC Networking & Solutions

What are the Current Market Trends You See Shaping the Networking Space? Digital transformation is a term we hear frequently, and the networking industry is no exception. At the current rate of data growth, we project the data universe will...

Supporting SDN on VMware NSX Space
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Rafi Khan, CIO-Consultant at Riverside Community Care and Senior Consultant at Open Minds

The trends that are unfolding their features in the VMware space are Network Virtualization and Mobile Cloud. Network virtualization: VMware’s 2012 acquisition of Software-defined Networking (SDN) pioneer Nicira yielded its NSX...

Time for Networking to Catch up to the Multi-Hypervisor Reality
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Larry Lang, CEO, PLUMgrid Inc

But change is upon us. Newer, web-based workloads run in hypervisor environments other than ESXi, with bare metal and container deployments gaining ground as well. Agile, private-cloud environments like OpenStack are providing API-level access to...

Modernizing Today's Datacenter
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Rich Holmes, Software-Defined Storage Business Development Manager (Hyper converged) - Americas, Hew

Datacenter modernization requires organizations to challenge their existing datacenter strategy and embrace new technological trends and advancements. Public cloud providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have set new expectations making...

VoIP Phone System Brings Exquisite Communications Makeover to MANA Products
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George Alexandrou, VP and CIO, Mana Products

Nowadays telephone technologies are in every aspect of our lives. The exponential growth of new information technologies during recent years has increased employees’ enthusiasm for improved communications and collaboration tools. Finding...

SDN: Do You Really Need It?
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Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek, SolarWinds

Until recently, Software-defined networking SDN was both a buzzword and the subject of some discord in the IT community. Even after becoming nearly mainstream by being bundled into VMware vCenter as VMware NSX and other platforms as a platform...

SDN Market in North America All Set to Boom: Reports MicroMarket Monitor
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FREMONT, CA: The North America software-defined networking (SDN) market is on a success journey, moving from $1.4Mnin 2014 to an estimated $4.6Mn by 2019 growing at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 25.5 percent during this stipulated...

Hibernia Networks Brings its Latest Ethernet-based Cloud Connectivity to Equinix Cloud Exchange Platform
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FREMONT, CA: To enable cloud providers provide high-speed connectivity for latency sensitive and data-intensive cloud applications, Hibernia Networks, a provider of high speed global telecommunications services, offers Ethernet connectivity to and...

QLogic Debuts Enhanced Fibre Channel Adapters to Provide Improved Storage Connectivity
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FREMONT, CA: QLogic, a provider of data, server, and storage networking infrastructure solutions, introduces a new portfolio of Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters and Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel Ready platform to reduce workloads, provide...

U2 Cloud to Achieve Next Gen Networking Capabilities with Big CloudFabric
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SANTA CLARA, CA: U2 Cloud, provider of cloud services picksBig Switch Networks, provider of hyperscale-inspired networking agility to data centers to deploy Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution to their networking platform. Through the...

Big Switch Networks to Boost Hyperscale Networking with Enhanced SDN Fabric and Elastic Pricing Model
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FREMONT, CA: Big Switch Networks, a networking company, announces significant advancements to its SDN fabric products and introduces hyperscale-inspired elastic pricing structure to provide customers with flexibility, reduced cost and a...

Cumulus VX Stimulates Open Networking Platform
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Cumulus Networks, open source networking solution provider announces the launch of Cumulus VX (Virtual Experience) facilitating cloud and networking experts a zero cost way to test open networking environments with support of...

Big Switch Networks Brings SDN Underlay for VMware NSX
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FREMONT, CA: Big Switch Networks introduces physical network automation and visibility into software-defined data centers powered by VMware. The latest Big Cloud Fabric 2.6 combines physical network automation and visibility with VMware NSX...

A10 Networks, Inc: The A-One Network Securers
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Lee Chen, Founder & CEO

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) provides Reliable Security Always™, through a range of high-performance application networking solutions and its partnership with Extreme Networks. The company helps organizations ensure that their data centre...

netnology.io: Building Tomorrow's SDNFV & Multi-Cloud Networks
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Adeel Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO

netnology is a team of smart, passionate, and experienced network and software engineers and architects. The SDN solution provider designs and implements large-scale multi-vendor and open-source solutions for next-gen data center,...

ArpaWare: Simplifying SDN for Enterprises and Service Providers
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Reza Toghraee, Director

Undertakes network automation projects and builds software-driven networks for enterprises as well as service provides

BlueRam Technology Solutions: Bringing Enterprise Solutions to Small Businesses
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Ayo Joel-Taiwo, Founder & CEO

Provides IT security, network infrastructure support, voice/IP, and cloud services to small businesses
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