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Why Should Enterprise CIOs Embrace 5G in Manufacturing Companies?
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5G and IoT sensors can open a new pathway for the manufacturing companies while concentrating on increasing the existing processes with a minimized latency and more accurate asset tracking. FREMONT, CA: With the increased connectivity,...

5G will Augment the AR and VR Experiences
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There is an excellent reason to be positive about 5G as it can support several uses cases such as shorter download and setup times, real-time rendering for immersive video, and extension of online shopping experiences. FREMONT, CA: Based on...

5G : The Essential for Cybersecurity
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5G is hyped for its speed of connecting. 5G can network delivery performance through large data rates offered by the cellular networks allowing energy savings, higher capacity system, reduced latency and massive device connectivity for the...

Fostering a Spirit Of Collaboration Between IT And Business Leaders
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? In an age where personal computing has redefined the corporate world, today’s CIO embodies multi-dimensional thinking, while possessing “passionate curiosity” and...

Dealing With the Uncertainty of Changes
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Greg Pelton, CTO & VP, Infrastructure Engineering, Polycom

What do you think are the biggest obstacles that technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes based model? There is a fundamental perspective change required to be successful in this new model. In the past we have tried for...

Can The Magic In Sci-Fi Movies Be Implemented in Reality?
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Usually, concepts like virtual people and virtual immortality can be seen in sci-fi movies. Can it be possible in real life as well? FREMONT, CA: Innovations with Virtual Reality (VR) can never cease to amaze us. An interesting observation...
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