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A New Paradigm in Unified Communication
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Brian Kracik, Director, Cloud Services & Product Marketing, Oracle Corporation

Emerging Technological Challenges: There is a lot of excitement surrounding unified communications (UC) in the industry today. And while enterprises are trying to tie their devices and applications together in a truly integrated way, they have...

Why Evolution Will Replace Revolution in Disruptive Innovation?
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Dan King, CEO, ReadyTalk

The idea of disruptive innovation has moved from academic insight to of-the-minute buzzword to mainstream cliché: The “Uber of this.” The “Netflix of that.” Every new product or service claims to be disruptive, and...

A Look at Digital Natives
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Dennis Depp, Associate CIO, University of Minnesota

Have you watched how 20 somethings use the internet? My 21 year old son does everything on his cell phone. I’m not just talking about texting, Snapchat and Instagram. Last year he filed his taxes online. Like many of his digital native...

How Collaboration Tools and Mobility changes life
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Gail Tedesco, Senior Director, Consulting Services, Rigil Corporation

People often get requests to meet for a collaboration session, with video, as team members are scattered across the country. Collaborating on projects and activities is no longer just a “nice” to do—it’s an expectation. My...

The City of San Francisco Edging Toward the Internet of Things
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Miguel A. Gamiño Jr, CIO & Executive Director of the Department of Technology, City & County of San Francisco

As the Innovation Capital of the World, San Francisco is now positioning itself to become the hyper-connected Capital of the World. We are working to realize the vision of Mayor Edwin Lee, and other city leaders to keep San Francisco affordable...

Business in the Networked Economy
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Michael Golz, CIO, SAP North America

The way we interact both in our personal and business lives is changing rapidly. We’ve reached a point of hyper connectivity where we are always connected and always on. The rise of the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) has helped...

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