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Networking Beyond Technology
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Dennis Klemenz, CIO & VP, Connex Credit Union

Banking is a business where information is shared continuously and a delay of a few seconds can elicit significant financial implications. Not only is instant access to data required, but security, privacy, and protection of core banking...

Harnessing Power of UC
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Matt Gregory, Associate Director-Unified Communications, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The promise of instant communication and collaboration at any time, from anywhere with anyone on any device is a powerful UC marketing message, but for a large number of enterprises, it’s the kind of message that keeps compliance,...

Dealing With the Uncertainty of Changes
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Greg Pelton, CTO & VP, Infrastructure Engineering, Polycom

What do you think are the biggest obstacles that technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes based model? There is a fundamental perspective change required to be successful in this new model. In the past we have tried for...

Don't Forget the AV Guy When It Comes to Microsoft and Skype for Business
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Rick Winde, Director, Advanced Video Solutions, MCW Solutions

The term ‘unified communication’ used to be one with advanced technological connotation when discussing the voice and video needs of an organization. Now, the term has become much more commonplace and has even evolved into more...

The Perfect Conferencing Storm
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Joan Vandermate, Head of Marketing, Logitech

For more than a decade, industry pundits predicted that video conferencing would become ubiquitous— in every conference room and shared collaboration space, on every desktop computer and across every mobile device. And they were right! The...

Mastering Partnership with a Remote Data Center
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Michelle Billingsley, CIO, Blue Care Network of Michigan

When we talk about technology, it tends to be the shiny new gadgets that make headlines. Yet in my experience managing information technology operations for Michigan’s largest health maintenance organization, I’ve found one of the most...

The Psychology of Videoconferencing
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Robert Detwiler, Senior Director Product Development, InFocus

Videoconferencing has achieved hyper-reality but it still can elicit very feral reactions The growing ubiquity of videoconferencing has changed the dynamic of the business meeting. The concept got a boost during the Great Recession, as business...

How Collaboration Tools and Mobility changes life
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Gail Tedesco, Senior Director, Consulting Services, Rigil Corporation

People often get requests to meet for a collaboration session, with video, as team members are scattered across the country. Collaborating on projects and activities is no longer just a “nice” to do—it’s an expectation. My...

Komodo Systems: Illuminating Network Blind Spots
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Chris Hyland, CTO

Provides robust wireless network monitoring solutions to test the user experience of the network

BluIP: Enterprise VoIP Redefined
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Steven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing

Leader in VoIP communications and unified experiences

InfoVista: Orchestrating Network Performance
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Philippe Ozanian, CEO

Offering cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions Innovative Video Conferencing Server Software with Mobile Clients
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Andrew Sviridenko, Founder & Chairman

Provides innovative voice and video over IP engines that allow carriers, OEMs, and software developers to deliver superior quality and integrated VVoIP

IPitimi: Advancing IP Telephony, One Customer at a Time
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Greg Nielsen, Founder & CEO

Offers advanced VoIP solutions for enterprises and contact centers

Brightlink IP: Next-Generation Media-Rich Data and Voice Solutions
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Joe White, COO

Brightlink IP is an IP communications provider that delivers a “sophisticated but simple next-generation communications solution

Exinda Networks: Incrementing the Quality of Experience
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Aseem Parikh, Chief Strategy Office

Provides solutions which are designed to coordinate users, devices, applications and activities across all network locations

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies: Unlocking the Full Potential of Communications Infrastructure
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Hardy Myers, CEO

Develops software-based UC solutions for businesses of all sizes

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