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GL Communications Launches New Test Suite to Provide Multi-interface Network Simulation
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FREMONT, CA: GL Communications, a supplier of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, IP, and VoIP networks, releases its new product Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia Subsystem Network Simulation referred to as MAPS SIP IMS...

XFdtd's Circuit Element Software Powered by Optenni Lab Optimizes Matching Circuit Topologies
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STATE COLLEGE, PA: Remcom integrates Optenni Lab’s matching circuit optimization software to XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software, since it enables XFdtd users to generate a suitable network topology and initial component values for...

GL's MAPS gets an Update, Uplifts Protocol Test Simulation
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FREMONT, CA: GL Communication, a provider of monitoring equipment for computer based testing launches enhancements to its SIGTRAN Protocol Test Suite of SIGTRAN protocol analysis and simulation tools. This product suite includes SIGTRAN SS7...

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