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Navigating the Ecosystem of Application Performance Monitoring
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Ulrica de Fort-Menares, VP of Product Strategy, LiveAction

Performance is a major factor in business-critical applications. True application performance monitoring cross-cuts many IT tiers: network infrastructure, physical and virtual infrastructure, databases, mobile devices, desktops, etc. Application...

The Present and Future of Information Technology in the Enterprise
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Jako van Blerk, CIO, Macomb County Government

There is an exponential growth in demand for Information Technology (IT) to deliver quality solutions in an acceptable timeframe. This calls for a change in the strategic mindset of the IT decision makers. The traditional KTLO (keep the lights...

Journey towards Continuous Improvement
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Chad Leverenz, VP, IT Infrastructure and Development, Mercy Housing

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Networking industry? Microsoft Azure was a Proof-of- Concept project (PoC) we implemented in late 2013. Our CIO, Christy Richardson, assembled a team of Cloud and...

WLAN: The Rise of Managed Wi-Fi Services
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Matthias Machowinski, Senior Research Director, Enterprise Networks and Video, IHS

Managed networking services are services in which a third party (e.g., a service provider or a value-added reseller) handles various aspects of the day-to-day operation of an organization’s network and/or networking devices, rather than the...

WAN's Inevitable Influence
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Mark Horbal, CIO & CTO, SpringBIG

The Impact on WANs is Inescapable The two most significant trends in computing today are the transformation of traditional computer applications with a footprint on a local machine to SaaS web applications and the parallel migration of...

React to Network Outages Before They Happen
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Jeff Harris, VP-Solutions Marketing, Ixia

The prospect of being hit by a denial-of-service campaign through massive DDoS attack has gotten individual organizations and DNS hosting providers on the edge. As the cost of unplanned data center outages having increased 38 percent in 5 years to...

To The Cloud and Beyond- A Death Knell for Private Data Centers?
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Toney Flack, CIO, Wichita State University

  Those of us who have been “in the business forever” recall with fondness the simple times of “the good old days” when corporate data centers were homogeneous environments and the only “MIS” purchasing...

Creating a Magical Customer Experience
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Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company

We’ve fully embraced the digital transformation of our nearly 40-year-old business. Almost our entire traditional infrastructure has been moved to the public cloud, SaaS or our private hybrid cloud. We’ve also replaced our traditional...

Detangling the Network Orchestration Knot
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Olivier Huynh Van, CTO & Co-Founder, Glue Networks

The performance of today’s critical apps leaves no room for error, failure or downtime. But when enterprises try to standardize deployed hardware, the situation can become untenable. With nearly 30 device types per vendor on the market, all...

The Evolution of the SD-WAN
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Josh Dobies, Senior Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, Riverbed Technology

Today’s WAN is continually changing and both the architecture and the applications it supports are becoming increasingly complex. Not long ago, most applications were housed on-premises and the WAN was a well-defined and predictable...

Views and Insights on Virtualization Issues and Trends
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Mark Schlesinger, CIO, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Virtualization is a broad topic with many definitions that also span many critical components of infrastructure as well as applications. My hope here is to provide practical insight into this maturing strategy as well as provide some practical...

Break Your Network Before Big Data Does
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Jeff Harris, Senior Director, Ixia

How many millions of dollars worth of network downtime can your organization afford? How many customers are you willing to lose to your competitors? Breaking your network sounds terrible, but when the Big Data wave hits your shores, you’ll...

What is CLOUD Doing to Our Networks?
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Sam Schoelen, Chief Information Technology Officer, Continental Resources

Do you remember upgrading to a 56K modem? Do you recall how fast that seemed at the time? If you were like me I was going from a 14.4K up to a 56K then you may remember that. Oh yes, and I was hosting a BBS on it as well. "We have grown...

ADP's Software Defined Network Journey
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Vincent Patrizio, VP-Head of Global Network Services

ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of human capital management services, including comprehensive payroll solutions, human resources, benefits, time and labor and talent management. The company is a long-time leader in the cloud...

Hibernia Networks Brings its Latest Ethernet-based Cloud Connectivity to Equinix Cloud Exchange Platform
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FREMONT, CA: To enable cloud providers provide high-speed connectivity for latency sensitive and data-intensive cloud applications, Hibernia Networks, a provider of high speed global telecommunications services, offers Ethernet connectivity to and...

LynxSpring Launches E2E Initiative; Addresses the Growing Demands of Connected Devices and Equipments
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MISSOURI, KA: LynxSpring, designers of internet based automation and cyber security technology have announced their latest initiative, to take the LynxSpring edge-to-enterprise (E2E) initiative for connected devices and edge equipments, up to the...

Cavium and Pica8 Join Forces to Deliver Open Networking Solutions in Developing Customized SDN Environments
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FREMONT, CA: Cavium announces partnership with Pica8 to bring Software Defined Network (SDN) solution using Pica8’s OpenFlow-based Network Operating System and Cavium’s XPliant switch chip to offer ASIC Choice for SDN Environments....

Console Partner Program to Offer Direct Access to SaaS, Cloud Providers
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AUSTIN, TX: One Source Networks, a provider of innovative managed communications solutions, joins the Console NSP Partner Program which provides access to Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform that are redefining the way...

Cloudnexion: Simplifying Telecom Infrastructure Sourcing for Enterprises
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Jake A. Cummins, Founder and CEO

The company specializes in sourcing data center solutions, critical connectivity for cloud enablement, and hybrid cloud deployments

CloudFabrix: Accelerating IT Performance
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Tejo Prayaga, Director, Product Management and Marketing

Provides innovative monitoring platform to streamline IT management in a multi-cloud environment

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