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Transforming the Communication Service Provider Networks with SDN and NFV
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Larry Horner, CTO, Solutions Architect, Intel Corporation [NASDAQ:INTC]

The Communication Service Provider (CSP) industry is a collection of interconnected network operators totaling over 350 operators that literally span the globe. This unified communications network is under ever increasing pressure as the ARPU...

Wireless First for Microsoft Employees
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Brent Hermanson, Principal Manager, Microsoft

Real-time collaboration and modern work environments require people to be mobile and untethered from their traditional desktops. Our employees expect a seamless wireless experience across multiple devices, starting with ease of connecting to our...

Detangling the Network Orchestration Knot
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Olivier Huynh Van, CTO & Co-Founder, Glue Networks

The performance of today’s critical apps leaves no room for error, failure or downtime. But when enterprises try to standardize deployed hardware, the situation can become untenable. With nearly 30 device types per vendor on the market, all...

New Paradigm of Converged SD-WAN, Security and Virtualization
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Michael O’Malley, VP Strategy & Business Development, Radware

As IT departments look for more and better ways to offer reliable services to their enterprise users, two significant trends attempt to remake the WAN interface. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is rapidly changing how enterprises deploy connectivity...

The Cloud (still) Doesn't Support VoIP
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Shawn Wiora, CIO & CISO, Creative Solutions In Healthcare

As the CIO of the first medium-to-large healthcare company in the U.S., to be 100 percent in the cloud, many have asked how we manage VoIP. Answer is easy – we are not. I wish we were in the cloud with VoIP. I wish we were using VoIP. Love the...

Growing Broadband - Future Challenges and Opportunities for Service Providers
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Brian Peterson, Regional VP Engineering, Frontier Communication

I remember the early days of broadband clearly. It was around Y2K, as every network provider was rapidly moving customers from dial-up to a newly designed A synchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network providing dedicated Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)...

Infinera collaborates with Corsa to Bring out Multi-layer SDN-controlled 100G Services
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SUNNYVALE, CA: Infinera and Corsa recently demonstrated the SDN-enabled on-demand 100 gigabits per second packet services; via Corsa's 100G DP6400 switching platform, Infinera’s Cloud Xpress Metro Optical Transport platform and...

Orthogone Technologies Puts its Trust in Ixia's Network Testing Solutions for its New IP Cores
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FREMONT, CA: With the increasing risks of DDoS attacks, advanced malware, botnets, and data breaches, network defenses are constantly under attack. To determine how a security device will perform on a particular network when used in production,...

New Smart Managed Switch from NetGear to bring in High Speed Networking
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FREMONT, CA: Back in 2013, Netgear had launched the XS708E (8x 10GBASE-T with 1x shared 10G SFP+) unmanaged switch, the XS712T (12x 10GBASE-T with 2x shared 10G SFP+) smart managed switch and the XSM7224 (24x 10GBASE-T with 4x 10G SFP+) fully...

Qosmos Marks an Industry First with Protocol Recognition and Markets Access for new DPI Component
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FREMONT, CA: Qosmos, a provider of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology unveiled a significant development in protocol recognition and first operational access for new DPI component products built for SDN and NFV...

PrismTech Introduces Vortex Innovator Program, Makes it Available to IoT Startups
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FREMONT, CA: In a move to provide free access of the advanced Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing to startup companies, PrismTech, provider of software platforms for distributed systems, has launched its Vortex Innovator Program. With this...

UPN to Provide Ethernet Connectivity to Healthcare Market Research Firm
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OMAHA, NE: Unite Private Networks (UPN), a provider of high-bandwidth fiber based communications networks, will soon be providing Ethernet Private Line (EPL) solution to Professional Research Consultants, Inc. (PRC) – a Nebraska-based...

Brocade Flow Optimizer to Rectify Network Traffic with Open Daylight Based Controller
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SAN JOSE, CA: Specialized in data storage and networking arena, Brocade is launching new applications in software defined networking market; Brocade Flow Optimizer and Brocade MLX Series routers. These applications will diminish network...

Pulsar360, Inc.: Streamlining Modern Communications
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Michael Dozier, President & CEO

Helps customers streamline their communications into a single network connection for phone service and high-speed Internet

VirtualPBX: Still the Leader in Cloud Communications
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Paul Hammond, President & CEO

Provides fully automated, cutting-edge, cost-effective, cloud-based business VoIP systems

Pulsar360, Inc.: Holistic Unified Communications
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Robert Harrison, Jr. Chief Channel Officer

Provider of customized, turn-key, end-to-end unified communications solutions

BluIP: Enterprise VoIP Redefined
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Steven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing

Leader in VoIP communications and unified experiences

Hillstone Networks: Accelerated Performance with Enhanced Network Security
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Dongping Luo, CEO & Co-Founder

Provides web and cloud-based applications to speed up the data center traffic and enhance security through data center firewalls

Brightlink IP: Next-Generation Media-Rich Data and Voice Solutions
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Joe White, COO

Brightlink IP is an IP communications provider that delivers a “sophisticated but simple next-generation communications solution

Mojo Networks: Building Seamless Enterprise Wi-Fi Connectivity
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Rick Wilmer, CEO

Provider of multi tenant cloud WiFi platform that inspires graphical troubleshooting, WiFi user analytics and social engagement.

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