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Building Industry: You Dream It, We Make It!
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Krish Mani, CIO, JELD-WEN

Bridging the gap between technology and consumer experience We make windows and doors globally. The biggest technology challenge in the building industry is to help consumers experience virtually what they are buying for their home that is real...

Cloud Networking: Lessons Learned from Compute
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Jeff Raymond, VP, EOS Software and Services, Arista Networks

As the industry sifts through the software defined networking (SDN) hype of the last few years, real use-cases have emerged for greater business agility through software control of the networking stack. Many of these use-cases were initially...

Technology Keys to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, Executive Vice President & CIO, SEI

Introduction Industry after industry is being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms. The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire...

Technology Key to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, EVP and CIO, SEI Investment Company

Industry after industry are being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms.  The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire personal...

What Can Your Network Do for You?
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Partha Narasimhan, CTO, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

We are in the midst of a massive transition away from networking technologies that were designed for the 20th century when mobile, IoT and cloud did not exist. Mobile and IoT are creating the perfect storm of risks and opportunities,...

Software Defined Networking: Time to Unshackle the Network
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Jennifer Artley, COO, BT Americas

It’s been said that “software is eating the world.” Internet-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are indeed disrupting industries from the ground up. Public cloud services give startups...

Software Defined Networks and Beyond: Four Steps to Fast IT
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Jim Grubb, VP Marketing & Chief Demonstration Officer, Cisco

There’s no doubt that software-defined networking (SDN) is today’s latest buzzword and hot topic. Most IT managers understand that SDN has the potential to improve networks, but SDN often has a different meaning for different people,...

Microsoft Azure's Big Bet on SDN
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Albert Greenberg, Director of Development, Microsoft Azure Networking, Microsoft Corporation

The demands on the network are growing exponentially as more and more customers are running their applications in the cloud. As a result, hardware-based networks of the past are no longer flexible or cost-effective enough to handle rapidly growing...

AppNeta: Bringing Better Network Visibility
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Matt Stevens, Chairman, President, and CEO

Provides a SaaS-based network and end-user experience performance monitoring solution

VirtuLocity Networks: SDN's newest VNF For Faster Internet and Cloud Connectivity
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Greg Gum, CEO

Develops software acceleration services to speed up Internet, mobile, and Cloud connections wherever and whenever needed

BMC: Bolstering Digital Innovation
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Peter Leav, President & CEO

Provides innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises

PCM: The Perfect Balance of Traditional and Modern Data Centers
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Frank Khulusi, Chairman & CEO

A value added direct marketer of technology products, services and solutions to businesses, government and educational institutions and individual consumers

VIRTUS Data Centres: Transforming Businesses through Agile Colocation Services
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Darren Watkins, Managing Director

Designs, builds, and operates efficient, high-density, and flexible data centers

ScienceLogic: IT Monitoring Platform for the Internet of Everything
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David Link, CEO & Co-Founder

ScienceLogic delivers IT monitoring platform to over 20,000 global service providers, enterprises, and government organizations Innovative Video Conferencing Server Software with Mobile Clients
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Andrew Sviridenko, Founder & Chairman

Provides innovative voice and video over IP engines that allow carriers, OEMs, and software developers to deliver superior quality and integrated VVoIP

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies: Unlocking the Full Potential of Communications Infrastructure
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Hardy Myers, CEO

Develops software-based UC solutions for businesses of all sizes

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