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Key Technologies Driving the Stampede to the Cloud
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Mark Bagley, VP, Innovation Scouting, BT

The stampede to cloud is the number one trend in today’s IT landscape. Why finance, buy, install, operate, maintain and protect your own IT infrastructure when you can rent everything? Security concerns about the cloud are passé. If...

Network Security: Critical System Defense
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Thomas P. Gresham, CISO, Port of San Diego

Prior to the Internet, Information Technology (IT) networks were self-contained and relatively free from cyberattacks. Now it is commonplace to read about data breaches, website defacement and system outages. All business supported by IT should be...

Modernizing Today's Datacenter
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Rich Holmes, Software-Defined Storage Business Development Manager (Hyper converged) - Americas, Hew

Datacenter modernization requires organizations to challenge their existing datacenter strategy and embrace new technological trends and advancements. Public cloud providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have set new expectations making...

It's Time for a Beautiful Network
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Kelly Wanser, Founder & CEO, Stateless Networks

How Open Software and Virtualization Transform Network Operations and Business Agility Your business units wanton-demand infrastructure for applications, and are trying public clouds. Data-intensive applications are driving demand and scale....

VoIP Phone System Brings Exquisite Communications Makeover to MANA Products
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George Alexandrou, VP and CIO, Mana Products

Nowadays telephone technologies are in every aspect of our lives. The exponential growth of new information technologies during recent years has increased employees’ enthusiasm for improved communications and collaboration tools. Finding...

Telefonica Mobility Suite, Digitalizing Enterprises
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Angel Barrio, CEO, Telefonica

The spread of digital technologies from IT departments to business areas has presented companies with unprecedented benefits and opportunities: new sales channels such as e-commerce have been created, marketing campaigns have now expanded their...

Rugged Managed Mobility Delivers More Control, Lower Costs
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Marco Nielsen, VP, Managed Mobility Services, Stratix Corporation

For one large auto parts distributor, getting a handle on mobility posed major challenges. Each of the company’s 58 distribution centers had its own mobile budget, so the technology varied by location. Capital spending was difficult to...

SDN- A Step Forward or Backward for Infrastructure Security?
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Jerry Irvine, CIO & EVP, Prescient Solutions

Those of us who have been in the IT industry for more than 20 years remember centralized computing with a discrete point of view. Large backend computing (mainframes, minis, DASD) connected by serial connections and terminals had the ability to...

The Three Largest Cyber Security Risks of the Decade Converge: Cloud Computing, BYOD, and IoT
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Jerry Irvine, CIO & EVP, Prescient Solutions

"Access controls for IoT devices should be implemented limiting the specific users and devices allowed to communicate to or control the devices" With technology comes risk. Cloud computing has increased cyber risks as a result of...

INFINIDAT and Brocade Join Forces to Ensure Resilient Networks for Simplified Storage
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FREMONT, CA: With the growing needs of organizations, need for high performance storage systems have also raised. And ensuring high performance and reliability for these storage systems on a connected network is being a major problem for the...

What the Cloud Means for UC
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Joseph Laezza, SVP, UCC and Service Solutions, AVI-SPL

Nowadays, business collaboration and work are everywhere. You don’t have to come into the office to use the technology that makes you productive. What matters is the interaction and collaboration with your colleagues toward a common goal....

Maneuvering Through the IoT Obstacle Course
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Raju Shah, VP of Information Services, Mouser Electronics

Billions of people connect with each other every day over the Internet, and many trend-watchers are pointing to the next push in this online revolution: an Internet of Things (IoT). Much like the Internet as a whole, IoT promises to change how we...

Cavium and Pica8 Join Forces to Deliver Open Networking Solutions in Developing Customized SDN Environments
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FREMONT, CA: Cavium announces partnership with Pica8 to bring Software Defined Network (SDN) solution using Pica8’s OpenFlow-based Network Operating System and Cavium’s XPliant switch chip to offer ASIC Choice for SDN Environments....

Nfina Technologies: Scalable And Reliable Storage
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Warren Nicholson, President and CEO

Combines high-performance technology with a market leading 5-year warranty and tech support to provide the best value and lowest TCO in the industry

VirtuLocity Networks: SDN's newest VNF For Faster Internet and Cloud Connectivity
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Greg Gum, CEO

Develops software acceleration services to speed up Internet, mobile, and Cloud connections wherever and whenever needed

MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]: The Gateway To Powerful Team Interactions
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Richard D.McBee, President & CEO

Provides wide range of UC solutions for organizations that help employees to remain connected with their colleagues and clients, regardless of the location or the device they chose to use

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