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Cisco Elevates the Speed and Intelligence of Storage Area Networking Family
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Cisco adds 64G, Ansible and analytics support to MDS SAN family to stay ahead of others and be compatible with the next iteration of industry’s FC standard. Fremont, CA: To support ever-increasing workloads, Cisco has elevated the speed...

ADP's Software Defined Network Journey
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Vincent Patrizio, VP-Head of Global Network Services & Distributed Database Services, ADP

ADP is the world’s largest provider of human capital management services, including comprehensive payroll solutions, human resources, benefits and retirements administration, and talent management. The company is a long-time leader in...

The 'Hype' on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
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Rich Holmes, Director-HP Enterprise Group, Pomeroy

There has been considerable hype around software-defined networking since “VMworld 2013.” Unlike traditional networks where each network device has both a control plane and a data plane, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) separates the...

Is your Network DNA ready for Microservices?
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Mac Devine, VP and CTO of Cloud Networking and Innovation Serv, Cloud Net

Abstract: Microservice based applications provide scalability and resiliency that makes them highly suitable for deployment in a Cloud or Enterprise environment. To successfully deploy applications based on the microservices architecture (in...

Time for Networking to Catch up to the Multi-Hypervisor Reality
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Larry Lang, CEO, PLUMgrid Inc

But change is upon us. Newer, web-based workloads run in hypervisor environments other than ESXi, with bare metal and container deployments gaining ground as well. Agile, private-cloud environments like OpenStack are providing API-level access to...

Modernizing Today's Datacenter
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Rich Holmes, Software-Defined Storage Business Development Manager (Hyper converged) - Americas, Hew

Datacenter modernization requires organizations to challenge their existing datacenter strategy and embrace new technological trends and advancements. Public cloud providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have set new expectations making...

Better Business Outcomes with SDE and SDI
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Bill Genovese, CTO, Saving Promise, Principal, WGroup

Investments in enterprise virtualization, centralized administration and hardware with enhanced management and optimization functionality have laid the groundwork for a new era in business responsiveness. The technical capabilities now exist; the...

ADP's Software Defined Network Journey
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Vincent Patrizio, VP-Head of Global Network Services

ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of human capital management services, including comprehensive payroll solutions, human resources, benefits, time and labor and talent management. The company is a long-time leader in the cloud...

Sonus Offers Virtualization Support for Dorado's Network Management Solution
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FREMONT, CA: Sonus, provider of real-time communications, enters into strategic alliance with Dorado Software to integrate their networking solutions.  The partnership will bring the power of Sonus’ Session Border Controller Software...

ADLINK with Titanium Cloud Ecosystem Manages Customer Quality-of-Experience
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SAN JOSE, CA: ADLINK Technology is now an essential component of Wind River Titanium Cloud Ecosystem, program that deploys solutions for Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Titanium Cloud Ecosystem is known for delivering optimized solutions;...

Qosmos Marks an Industry First with Protocol Recognition and Markets Access for new DPI Component
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FREMONT, CA: Qosmos, a provider of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and network intelligence technology unveiled a significant development in protocol recognition and first operational access for new DPI component products built for SDN and NFV...

Big Switch Networks to Boost Hyperscale Networking with Enhanced SDN Fabric and Elastic Pricing Model
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FREMONT, CA: Big Switch Networks, a networking company, announces significant advancements to its SDN fabric products and introduces hyperscale-inspired elastic pricing structure to provide customers with flexibility, reduced cost and a...

Freescale Announces Latest Switching Platform for the SDN Era
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FREMONT, CA: Freescale Semiconductor announces new switching platform that supports SDN as well as the traditional networking paradigm. The open-source based switching platform for network services is developed in collaboration with Advantech, a...

The (R)evolution of Software-Defined Networking
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John Casey, Founder, CTO/Chief Architect, CPLANE NETWORKS

A few years ago a bunch of smart people at Stanford and Cal got together and came up with a pretty interesting notion–why not break the bond between networking hardware and the software that does all that mystical switching and routing?...

ArpaWare: Simplifying SDN for Enterprises and Service Providers
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Reza Toghraee, Director

Undertakes network automation projects and builds software-driven networks for enterprises as well as service provides

PLUMgrid: Operationalizing OpenStack Cloud with Virtual Networking
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Larry Lang, CEO

PLUMgrid provides multi-tenancy, security, scale and performance for cloud’s virtual network infrastructure

Big Switch Networks: SDN-enabled Hyperscale Networking Fabrics
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Douglas Murray, CEO

Provides hyperscale data center networking technologies for enterprises, and cloud and service providers

Juniper Networks [NYSE: JNPR]: Converging Networks through Innovation
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Rami Rahim, CEO

Improving business agility and future-proof for the cloud era with open SDN solutions for cloud and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Hillstone Networks: Accelerated Performance with Enhanced Network Security
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Dongping Luo, CEO & Co-Founder

Provides web and cloud-based applications to speed up the data center traffic and enhance security through data center firewalls

In What Ways the Communication Service Provider Landscape Being Altered by SDN and NFV?
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Over the past two decades, networks have come under high traffic demand and scrutiny as businesses and consumers depend on network connectivity for sales, internal communications, customer services, and document sharing. SDN, coupled with network...