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Importance Of Adopting a Multi-Pronged Approach to Secure Networks
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Robbie Corley, CISO,Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Gaining visibility and insight into an enterprise network is imperative.Our threat economy from 10 - 15 years ago has evolved.While perimeter-based protection continues to provide a valuable protection model, the attacker philosophy has...

Microsoft chooses Aryaka for its Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider Program
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Aryaka will be working with Microsoft Azure for the Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Program to streamline SD-WAN connectivity. Fremont, CA: Aryaka, a global SD-WAN provider, has been selected by Microsoft for its Microsoft Azure Networking...

User Data Visualization: Key to Faster Decision Making
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Industry's most sophisticated SaaS-based network inventory solution is enabling users to visualize and interact with data for faster decision making. FREMONT, CA: ARM Data Center Software has released newer versions of cARMa®,...

The 'Hype' on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization
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Rich Holmes, Director-HP Enterprise Group, Pomeroy

There has been considerable hype around software-defined networking since “VMworld 2013.” Unlike traditional networks where each network device has both a control plane and a data plane, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) separates the...

Streaming Video? Let a CDN do the Heavy Lifting
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Casey Charvet, Ph.D, CTO, TourGigs

When I first got into live streaming video, it was 1998. A group of friends and I rented a small studio space in Austin, TX with a shared T-1 line and began streaming live bands and DJs four nights a week.  We used software from Real Media...

High Time to Rethink about Exchange Servers
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Many companies want to give up their Exchange Server to convert it to Microsoft Office 365. Migration of an Exchange Server is often a complicated process, but it can minimize a certain strain by using an Exchange Server. Even after...

The Foundation for Digitization: Software-Defined Networks
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Axel Clauberg, VP Strategic Portfolio Management, T-Systems International GmbH, TC Services Portfolio Unit

Over the last few years, the discussion about our Digital Future becoming a headline topic has garnered a lot of traction. On the Enterprise-side, digitization triggered a massive growth in the number of applications, the move to microservices, as...

Big Data. Better Places.
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Steve Miller, CIO, Steelcase

Smart devices let us work anywhere. The cloud keeps information with us wherever we go. And, mobile work policies allow more and more people to choose where they want to work. A Steelcase study of global office workers found that although 77...

SD-WAN: Today's Networking Technology
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Rahoul Ghose, CIO, ECMC Group

A few decades ago, Sun Microsystems coined the phrase “The Network Is the Computer” to define its product strategy. In today’s world of complex applications, sophisticated data analytics, pervasive use of multimedia and a widely...

Cost Effectiveness and Security with Serverless Computing
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Corporations widely prefer serverless computing because of its versatile functions. Serverless computing doesn’t follow the conventional method of IaaS; instead, the client would pay only for the utilized functions. From developers and...

Here Comes 25 Gig Ethernet!
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Paul Kish, Director of Systems, Belden

You may have heard plenty of industry buzz over the past few months regarding 25 gigabit Ethernet. That is no surprise considering that several big data centers and cloud computing providers like Google, Microsoft, Broadcom, Arista and Mellanox...

The Age of Cyber-Cloud Networking
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law. Brian Solis best described this shift...

Network Troubleshooting: How to Optimize Your Toolset to Tackle Today's Network Issues
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Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds

Software defined networking (SDN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are key technology trends sure to affect the future of networking. As such, they currently enjoy the lion’s share of broad industry attention. Now, there’s no harm...

Protecting the Castle: Business' changing security landscapes
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Vincent J. Simonowicz, CIO, City of Rock Hill, SC

The challenge every business and enterprise has, is to protect their domains given the changing environments, enhanced security threats and melding of cloud services. As we are pushed to embrace the cloud services and applications, our data is...

Key Technologies Driving the Stampede to the Cloud
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Mark Bagley, VP, Innovation Scouting, BT

The stampede to cloud is the number one trend in today’s IT landscape. Why finance, buy, install, operate, maintain and protect your own IT infrastructure when you can rent everything? Security concerns about the cloud are passé. If...

Virtualization and Networking
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EJ Piersol, CIO, Sage Technologies

In early 2013 Sage Technologies began planning to invest heavily in networking and virtualization. To provide some background, Sage is a management services organization (MSO) based in Illinois that helps health care providers collect, analyze,...

Technology Keys to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, Executive Vice President & CIO, SEI

Introduction Industry after industry is being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms. The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire...

Modernizing Today's Datacenter
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Rich Holmes, Software-Defined Storage Business Development Manager (Hyper converged) - Americas, Hew

Datacenter modernization requires organizations to challenge their existing datacenter strategy and embrace new technological trends and advancements. Public cloud providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have set new expectations making...

Does SDN have the right DNA for Enterprise?
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Nasser Noei, Director of Software Solution, Delta Networks Inc.

What is Software Defined Networking (SDN)? SDN is by far the most misunderstood term in networking. Many companies think opening up “C” API to others to program network elements by themselves is SDN. Others think any automation is...

Technology Key to Building a Disruptive Networked Business
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Robert Crudup, EVP and CIO, SEI Investment Company

Industry after industry are being disrupted by new business models supported by technology platforms.  The rate of an industry’s disruption can be dramatic as exampled by firms like Uber which has redefined the for-hire personal...