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Harnessing Power of UC
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Matt Gregory, Associate Director-Unified Communications, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The promise of instant communication and collaboration at any time, from anywhere with anyone on any device is a powerful UC marketing message, but for a large number of enterprises, it’s the kind of message that keeps compliance,...

Taking Care of the Networking Demands of Hospitals
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Benjamin Vickers, Director-IT, ProMedica

As we look at the trends in healthcare networking, a few areas of interest come to mind. With the growing demand for patients to have a more mobile and engaging experience, the hospitals’ enterprise network has become the foundation for...

The Cloud (still) Doesn't Support VoIP
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Shawn Wiora, CIO & CISO, Creative Solutions In Healthcare

As the CIO of the first medium-to-large healthcare company in the U.S., to be 100 percent in the cloud, many have asked how we manage VoIP. Answer is easy – we are not. I wish we were in the cloud with VoIP. I wish we were using VoIP. Love the...

How to Break into the Boardroom with a Smile
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Louis Martinez, CIO, OmniSYS

You a re a busy IT leader with a to-do list that no one else in your organization envies. Your team members know what the to-do list looks like, and they are there to support you, or you should be making moves to have such a team in place. In my... At the Forefront of SDN & NFV
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Salman Asadullah, Principal

Provides SDNFV, Data Center, Cloud, Automation, Security and Analytics Solutions and Services

BluIP: Enterprise VoIP Redefined
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Steven Norris, VP Sales & Marketing

Leader in VoIP communications and unified experiences

SecureNetMD®: Enduring and Scalable VoIP Solutions
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Jack Berberian, CEO

Facilitates enterprises with high quality VoIP platforms and reliable hosted solutions

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