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Wireless Communication: As Wide as Sky!
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The terminology wireless itself carries a reference to the transmission of information or communication over distance, in the absence of cables, wires, or any other conductors. It is one of the most significant media for data communication from...

Supply Networks: Creating a New Opportunity
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Angela Yochem, CIO, BDP International

Some times new technologies are used to make our processes faster and better, but there are other times when technology advances allow us to change the foundations of our business. In the logistics industry, we are in the midst of one of those...

Mobile Applications and Web Applications: Future of App Development
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Mobile applications (apps) are built for a specific platform, as Android for a Nokia device or iOS for an iPhone device. Mobile apps are installed and downloaded via app store, and they have access to system resources as GPS and camera function....

Connect, Engage, Disrupt-XaaS and the Power of IoT
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Charlie Isaacs, CTO, IoT, Salesforce

My wife frequently reminds me that I’m a very bad driver, so one day I called her bluff and purchased a “driving assistant,” a device that contains an accelerometer and a Bluetooth interface. It plugs into a car’s Onboard...

It's 10PM, Do you know where your bags are?
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David Bartlett, CTO, GE Aviation

I have been a top tier flyer for many more years than I care to remember on numerous airlines starting all the way back to TWA. The food in the TWA first class lounge at JFK could truly make your eyes pop! This of course is not the case today....

Cambium Networks: Connecting the Unconnected
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Atul Bhatnagar, President & CEO

Offers quality and affordable broadband wireless connectivity solutions

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