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Everbridge Releases Crisis Management Solution to Handle Critical Events
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Everbridge, a Burlington, MA-based software company that provides SaaS-based critical communications and enterprise safety solutions, launches its crisis management solution. The solution will help companies to manage the life cycle of the...

Knowing your Provider's Capabilities is Critical to Cloud Security
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Bill Bradley, SVP, Cyber Engineering & Technology Services, CenturyLink [NYSE:CTL]

In the past, security was more self-contained. Information was stored on servers you managed within your own private network. You focused on protecting your assets inside the network by setting up firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems...

The Three Largest Cyber Security Risks of the Decade Converge: Cloud Computing, BYOD, and IoT
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Jerry Irvine, CIO & EVP, Prescient Solutions

"Access controls for IoT devices should be implemented limiting the specific users and devices allowed to communicate to or control the devices" With technology comes risk. Cloud computing has increased cyber risks as a result of...