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Building Industry: You Dream It, We Make It!
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Krish Mani, CIO, JELD-WEN

Bridging the gap between technology and consumer experience We make windows and doors globally. The biggest technology challenge in the building industry is to help consumers experience virtually what they are buying for their home that is real...

From Phone to Fiber: How Technology dictates Growth
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Ken Paker, CTO, TDS Telecommunications LLC

Ken Paker, TDS Telecom’s CTO, started at the company one year after its internet service provider business began. Prior to that, TDS was strictly a phone company and owned about one hundred small, individual telcos. The challenge then...

How Positive Customer Experiences Deliver a Competitive Advantage for Networking Vendors
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Dan Adam, CIO, Extreme Networks

Consumers are faced with thousands of product and service choices every day-which gives them the power over which companies succeed in the marketplace. Now more than ever, companies are responsible for acknowledging, understanding and delivering...

Software Defined Networking: Time to Unshackle the Network
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Jennifer Artley, COO, BT Americas

It’s been said that “software is eating the world.” Internet-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are indeed disrupting industries from the ground up. Public cloud services give startups...

Making Sense of IoT Standards
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Lew Brown, President, MiOS

IoT is a very broad term widely being used to represent the idea that all objects can be connected. However, the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything as it has also been coined) spans a vast array of fields, applications, devices, and...

Windstream Adds Infinera DTN-X platform to its Network Development Strategy
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SUNNYVALE, CA:  Windstream, provider of advanced network communications deploys Infinera DTN-X platform as a part of its network expansion strategy. With the Intelligent Transport Networks provider, Infinera expects to eliminate the...

Facebook Attempts to Make the World More Yoked with its New Web-enabled Aircraft
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FREMONT, CA: Facebook, in a quest to get more people connected to the internet, has planned to come up with a solar-powered drone with a wingspan almost as big as Boeing 737. The drone is said to be built with a 140-foot wingspan that weighs less...

Lumina Networks: Embracing The Ethos Of Catalyst
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Andrew Coward, CEO

Offers a common, open platform for developers, giving providers direct control over their SDN development and implementation thus eliminating lock-in

PC Solutions & Integrations: Ensuring the Reliability of Networks
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David Rudnick, CEO

Enabling customers to capture economic value from the digital transformation of their businesses by developing, implementing, and managing world class IT Infrastructure solutions

YumaWorks: Simplifying SDN-enabled Networks
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Andy Bierman, CEO

A SDN startup developing network management and control plane automation tools for leading global networking companies

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