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The Digital Revolution
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Wheeler Coleman, SVP & CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The digital revolution is upon us. Is your business ready? When I was a kid, I remember fearing a mythical character called the “Wahoo Man.” The adults told us the Wahoo Man lived in the trees, and would swoop down and devour people...

Customers and Employees Are In Charge - Now What?
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Laurent Philonenko, SVP of Corporate Strategy & Development & CTO, Avaya

How Open Mobile Engagement is Forcing Enterprise Convergence The idea of enterprise-wide digital convergence is not new. CIOs have been on a quest to create a converged digital enterprise for decades. Achieving enterprise-wide convergence...

The Psychology of Videoconferencing
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Robert Detwiler, Senior Director Product Development, InFocus

Videoconferencing has achieved hyper-reality but it still can elicit very feral reactions The growing ubiquity of videoconferencing has changed the dynamic of the business meeting. The concept got a boost during the Great Recession, as business...

Four Essential Actions for Implementing Collaboration Solutions
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Corey Jacobson, Director, CIO Advisory, KPMG

Digital and mobile collaboration solutions are changing the way people work together, and businesses operate. In this digital age, inculcating new ways of working and introducing new capabilities rapidly into the organization’s culture are...

The Newer Version of Seagauge Makes Onboard Instrument Viewing Way Convenient
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL-  At 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Chetco Digital Instruments unveiled the upgrade of SeaGauge product line with second generation vessel analog sensor interface units. Its remote sensor units convert...

GL's MAPS gets an Update, Uplifts Protocol Test Simulation
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FREMONT, CA: GL Communication, a provider of monitoring equipment for computer based testing launches enhancements to its SIGTRAN Protocol Test Suite of SIGTRAN protocol analysis and simulation tools. This product suite includes SIGTRAN SS7...

Qualcomm Atheros Expands its Networking Territory with the Acquisition of Ikanos
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FREMONT, CA:  Wireless technology provider, Qualcomm announced a commercial pact between its subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros acquiring Ikanos Communications, a broadband networking semiconductor provider. This merger will enable both central...

Freescale Announces Latest Switching Platform for the SDN Era
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FREMONT, CA: Freescale Semiconductor announces new switching platform that supports SDN as well as the traditional networking paradigm. The open-source based switching platform for network services is developed in collaboration with Advantech, a...

Unlocking the True Potential of SDN for Broadband
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Robin Mersh, CEO, Broadband Forum

SDN (Software Defined Networking) is still in the early adop­tion phase and it continues to gain ground from its origins in datacenter networking having the potential to transform carrier networks and IT, particularly in the broader enterprise...

BayInfotech: A Global Networking and Managed Services Provider
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Maulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Head

An IT consulting firm focused on IT managed services, software-defined networking, and system integration for Cisco ACI and ECS

Fortinet: Next-Gen Security Built for the SD-WAN Era
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John Maddison, SVP, Products and Solutions

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN deployment provides next-generation security and advanced networking capabilities to improve WAN efficiency without compromising on security

Saisei: Facilitating Optimized Network Performance
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Julia Sartini, COO

Provides scalable, real-time, network performance enforcement solutions

Diversified: Reliable, Scalable & Agile UC Practice
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Tom Spearman, SVP, Advanced Visual Environments

Diversified’s Unified Communications Solutions Practice enables meaningful, productive, and multimodal collaboration

InfoVista: Orchestrating Network Performance
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Philippe Ozanian, CEO

Offering cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions

Digital Realty: Smarter Data Center Services to Do Better Business
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A. William Stein, CEO

Provides a combination of a data center ecosystem business with a colocation services provider in a seamless, interconnected global network

Granite Telecom: Building Seamless Communications for Multi-Location Companies
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Rob Hale, CEO

Streamlines the burden of invoice management through discounted services

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