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It's Time for a Beautiful Network
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Kelly Wanser, Founder & CEO, Stateless Networks

How Open Software and Virtualization Transform Network Operations and Business Agility Your business units wanton-demand infrastructure for applications, and are trying public clouds. Data-intensive applications are driving demand and scale....

Ways to Optimize Data Center Capacity
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With acceleration in the accretion of data, storage space is running out fast, and it is becoming highly expensive for each company to store data on-premise. Against that background, cloud storage is a better option for companies to maintain and...

Journey towards Continuous Improvement
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Chad Leverenz, VP, IT Infrastructure and Development, Mercy Housing

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Networking industry? Microsoft Azure was a Proof-of- Concept project (PoC) we implemented in late 2013. Our CIO, Christy Richardson, assembled a team of Cloud and...

The Virtual Workforce -Enabling Employees to
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Rick Owens, VP, Infrastructure & Operations, Sitel

For many years, organizations and business users have grown accustomed to the concept of Bring your own Device (BYOD), as more and more members of the workforce use mobile devices to blend work, life and recreation. It is not unusual to see young...

QLogic Debuts Enhanced Fibre Channel Adapters to Provide Improved Storage Connectivity
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FREMONT, CA: QLogic, a provider of data, server, and storage networking infrastructure solutions, introduces a new portfolio of Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Adapters and Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel Ready platform to reduce workloads, provide...

Understanding and Embracing SDN Capabilities
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Craig Hill, Distinguished Systems Engineer, CISCO Systems

Not since the advent of cloud computing has a technology area meant so many different things to so many people as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), which is now synonymous in the SDN discussion. While...

Myths and Truths: How CDNs can protect an Enterprise against DDoS Attacks
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Leon Kuperman, CTO, Zenedge

A common CDN technique to thwart Layer 7 DDoS is page-caching. Since the CDN is caching content and/or pages for minutes or hours, any type of flood traffic to those pages will be absorbed by the CDN. This blocks the attack from ever making it to...

Siemon Introduces Color Coded Cable clips for Network Identification
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WATERTOWN, CT: Siemon, provider of global network infrastructure, releases new color-coded cable clips that will enable Data Center administrators to differentiate between various network systems, in a cost effective manner. These cable clips are...

Cloudnexion: The Search for the Right Partner, Ends Here
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Jake A Cummins, President

Cloudnexion is a leading global, telecommunication consulting firm and cloud service provider. The company specializes in cloud services, collocation services to the firms, internet bandwidth and unified communication services. It helps businesses...

Silicom Connectivity Solutions Ltd.: Breaking Through the Network Performance Barrier
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Oren Benisty, EVP Strategic Sales

Silicom Connectivity Solutions Ltd. provides high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions for OEM server-based systems and Cloud-related providers. With its scalable Ethernet solutions Silicom Connectivity Solutions Ltd. offers a...

Axiom: A Risk-Free Alternative to OEM Upgrades
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Eric Devaney, VP, Sales

Provider of IT datacenter hardware products including memory, storage, networking, connectivity upgrade solutions, and third-party maintenance services

Data Center Systems: Future-Ready Connectivity Solutions
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Kevin Ehringer, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Designs, manufactures and installs highly reliable, unique end-to-end fiber optic connectivity solutions and systems

Rackwise [OTC:RACK]: Elevating Data Center Efficiency with DCIM Solutions
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Guy Archbold, President & CEO

Develops products that address a breadth of requirements in the data center infrastructure management space

Nlyte Software: Boosting the Efficiency of Data Centers
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Doug Sabella, President & CEO

Helps enterprises to focus on planning, managing and optimizing their data centers

Huawei Technologies: Constructing a Better Networked World
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Ian Foo, Director, Product Marketing & Management; Global Enterprise Marketing

A global Information and Communications Technology solutions provider that caters to various global vertical industry and enterprise customers

Digital Realty: Smarter Data Center Services to Do Better Business
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A. William Stein, CEO

Provides a combination of a data center ecosystem business with a colocation services provider in a seamless, interconnected global network

Mobius Partners: Robust Response to the Ever-increasing Demands on Data Centers
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Junab Ali II, President & Co-Founder, J. Javier “Jay” Uribe, President & Co-Founder, Scott King, CTO

Provider of IT solutions to maximize the value of data center investment