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EdgeConneX Partners with Lume to Offer the Best in Cloud Solutions
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EdgeConneX brings the best in cloud solutions by leveraging Lume's Cloud Anyware service suite. FREMONT, CA: EdgeConneX is a worldwide provider of data center solutions for a diverse portfolio of industries including Content, Networks,...

How will Data Center Automation Change Organizations?
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Datacenter automation will not only enable organizations to streamline their processes, but also enhance their workflows at minimum cost and downtime. FREMONT, CA – Digitalization is revolutionizing the operations of organizations across...

User Data Visualization: Key to Faster Decision Making
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Industry's most sophisticated SaaS-based network inventory solution is enabling users to visualize and interact with data for faster decision making. FREMONT, CA: ARM Data Center Software has released newer versions of cARMa®,...

Evolving Expectations for NMS
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Brian Clarke, Solutions Architect, Networking and Collaboration, OneNeck IT Solutions

The landscape for Network Managed Services (NMS) providers continues to become more challenging especially as application, management, and compliance requirements keep evolving. Proactive support is a core component of today’s NMS. IT...

Latest Data Center Upgradations to Recreate Data Management
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Data centers are continually evolving and redefining the conventions of data management. This critical transformation opens more opportunities to drive and ease data-driven processes. FREMONT, CA: The demand for data centers is on the rise as...

Optimization of Data Centers Using Wireless Sensors
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FREMONT, CA: Data centers have become inevitable, and so has the increasing use of electricity needed to keep them functioning. The increasing consumptions have put everybody in the state of bother. In this situation, wireless sensor networks have...

Leveraging edge computing techniques to reorient data center objectives
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Most enterprises are exploring the beneficial aspects of edge computing technology. Technologists believe that this budding science has all the potential to fulfill the dynamically changing needs of a data center. Data center experts are now...

Advantages of a Hyperscale Data Center
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A data center is the backbone of a business. It ensures that all the data is readily available whenever the company requires it. A standard data center supports hundreds of physical servers and thousands of virtual machines. The data center also...

MACOM Introduces the First 400G-FR4 L-PIC for Cloud Data Center Applications
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MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. announces the launch of MAOP-L564FP, a quad-channel silicon photonic integrated circuit with integrated lasers (L-PIC) for 400G-FR4 applications. The MAOP-L564FP enables users to scale from 100G to 400G while...

Agility & Stability Are Imperative-But Can Your Data Center Support Bimodal IT?
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Rajendran Avadaiappan, CIO, Aligned Energy

With heavy pressures on business to be innovative, agile, and quick-to-market, today’s CIO is as much focused on technology innovation as on installing, operating, and maintaining systems. After all, digital innovation is key for every...

Will the Real Ethernet Fabric Please Stand Up?
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Jean Turgeon, VP & Chief Technologist, Avaya

Many will remember the early days of fixed-format Ethernet Switches, when the development of resilient configurations was initiated as an alternative to existing Modular Chassis systems. While we can debate who invented what, and when –...

How to Maintain Optimal Temperature in a Data Center?
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Optimizing a data center makes the facility attractive to clients, more agile and less prone to downtime, among other benefits. Common problems in optimizing data centers include providing too little or too much air, excessively dry...

Importance of Intelligent Network Infrastructure for Enterprise Data Center
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A high-quality network is crucial for seamless data transfer within an organization or data center. But having an equally efficient hardware infrastructure is important for the network to be built on. Currently, all the network and hardware...

How Automation can Provide Network Efficiency
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Traditional protocols are a major hindrance for automation of applications and processes. Organizations need to shift to new technologies that are more adaptable to change, which will help management to shift to a more agile and responsive...

Business Technological Predictions for Data Center and Cloud in 2019
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Over the years, businesses started to view data as a steering force to growth. Adopting new technology is viewed as an opportunity to generate revenue than as a cost. In this age of data, with several technologies emerging to streamline the...

Hybrid Data Center Service for Higher Network Capacity
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Data centers, networked computers, and storage play a significant role in the processing, storage, and dissemination of large amounts of data for business and other operations. For daily tasks, companies rely heavily on the applications, services,...

Supporting SDN on VMware NSX Space
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Rafi Khan, CIO-Consultant at Riverside Community Care and Senior Consultant at Open Minds

The trends that are unfolding their features in the VMware space are Network Virtualization and Mobile Cloud. Network virtualization: VMware’s 2012 acquisition of Software-defined Networking (SDN) pioneer Nicira yielded its NSX...

The Changing Data Center Security Landscape
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Keeping pace with the ever-increasing demand for compute and storage resources is a complicated process with the traditional data center due to its hardware’s physical storage capabilities. The modern-day lean, mean virtual machines take...

The Increasing Need of Edge Data Centers for SMBs
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Tier one cities have been getting all the attention from data center providers for many years now. Carriers and its customers needed to access metro-fiber networks and cross-connects in the most densely populated facilities of the world. As most...

Cloud Networking: Lessons Learned from Compute
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Jeff Raymond, VP, EOS Software and Services, Arista Networks

As the industry sifts through the software defined networking (SDN) hype of the last few years, real use-cases have emerged for greater business agility through software control of the networking stack. Many of these use-cases were initially...