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VoIP SDWAN and Millennials
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Vilas Uchil, Director of Network Engineering, BullsEye Telecom

For more than a decade, we have seen voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems getting widely accepted in both residential as well as commercial space. As compared to the legacy-based plain old telephone service (POTs), VoIP provides...

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Fostering a Spirit Of Collaboration Between IT And Business Leaders
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

How would you describe the role of a CIO today? In an age where personal computing has redefined the corporate world, today’s CIO embodies multi-dimensional thinking, while possessing “passionate curiosity” and...

WLAN: The Rise of Managed Wi-Fi Services
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Matthias Machowinski, Senior Research Director, Enterprise Networks and Video, IHS

Managed networking services are services in which a third party (e.g., a service provider or a value-added reseller) handles various aspects of the day-to-day operation of an organization’s network and/or networking devices, rather than the...

How Positive Customer Experiences Deliver a Competitive Advantage for Networking Vendors
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Dan Adam, CIO, Extreme Networks

Consumers are faced with thousands of product and service choices every day-which gives them the power over which companies succeed in the marketplace. Now more than ever, companies are responsible for acknowledging, understanding and delivering...

Managing Unified Communications and Lego bricks: Drawing Parallels
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Mike Frayne, CEO ,VOSS Solutions

Many of us enjoyed playing with Lego® building bricks when we were kids. Back then, you'd buy a box of Lego and let your imagination run wild. Have you have tried to buy Lego bricks recently; for your kids or maybe your grandkids? You may...

Pulsar360, Inc.: Streamlining Modern Communications
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Michael Dozier, President & CEO

Helps customers streamline their communications into a single network connection for phone service and high-speed Internet

Pulsar360, Inc.: Holistic Unified Communications
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Robert Harrison, Jr. Chief Channel Officer

Provider of customized, turn-key, end-to-end unified communications solutions

Stratus ip: Technology-enabled VOIP Solutions
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Michael Dlug, CEO

Works with prospective businesses to carefully assess their telecommunication services, simplifying telecommunications management and taking advantage of the product set of their select carrier partners...

Britannic Technologies: Communications and Networks Integrators
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Richard Dendle, Managing Director

Specialist in voice communications, systems integration and managed services, maximizing ICT investment

Jive Communications: Building Stronger Business Communication through Cloud PBX
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John Pope, CEO

A cloud-based PBX platform provider enabled with advanced call analytics, video conferencing for contact centers, businesses, and organizations

Cloud4Wi: The Next Generation of Guest Wi-Fi Drives Customer Engagement
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Andrea Calcagno, CEO

A firm that offers an open Wi-Fi engagement platform to enhance Guest Wi-Fi access at venues.

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