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Knowing Cloud Computing Services and associated advantages
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In today’s business environment, cloud is not an option, but essential. Majority of the decision-makers find it difficult to zero in on the right type of cloud service and unlock the benefits of the cloud computing. A successful...

Organizations That Have A Mature Enterprise Architecture Function Are Better Positioned To Take Advantage Of Emerging And Converging Technologies
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Bill Genovese, Principal and Technology Architect, WGroup

When you build a house, do you build it haphazardly without requirements or specifications? Of course not. You want to ensure that the house has a solid foundation, running water, electricity, access to public services, physical security services...

Supply Networks: Creating a New Opportunity
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Angela Yochem, CIO, BDP International

Some times new technologies are used to make our processes faster and better, but there are other times when technology advances allow us to change the foundations of our business. In the logistics industry, we are in the midst of one of those...