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Content Delivery Network: Current Challenges and the Promising Future
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Over the years, the journey of CDN from legacy systems to the cloud has massively improved the efficiency of content delivery and service capabilities of web applications and storage. Due to its ability to sense the availability of servers and...

The Role of Data Centers in Today's Networks
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Georgios Kyriakopoulos, VP-Equity Research, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

Communication networks are inherently complex. The internet itself is a collection of numerous independent networks interconnected to form a network of networks the users of which are able to communicate with each other. For example, when a person...

Myths and Truths: How CDNs can protect an Enterprise against DDoS Attacks
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Leon Kuperman, CTO, Zenedge

A common CDN technique to thwart Layer 7 DDoS is page-caching. Since the CDN is caching content and/or pages for minutes or hours, any type of flood traffic to those pages will be absorbed by the CDN. This blocks the attack from ever making it to...

Aryaka: Delivering End-to-End Connectivity and Application Acceleration
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Gary Sevounts, CMO

Provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity to globally distributed enterprises

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