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Technology Wired to the GI-FI
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The mode of communication is an ever-evolving process. Over a considerable amount of time, methods of connectivity have significantly changed. Initially, the use of wires and cables were a massive part of being connected over any service. But at...

How Will Mobile Devices Access The Internet Of Tomorrow?
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Chad Leverenz, VP IT Infrastructure, Development, Mercy Housing

Do you remember surfing the Internet in 1996 without regard for security and performance? Do you remember vampire taps and the beginning of man-in-the-middle? The future access to the internet must be more secure than today including...

Taking Care of the Networking Demands of Hospitals
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Benjamin Vickers, Director-IT, ProMedica

As we look at the trends in healthcare networking, a few areas of interest come to mind. With the growing demand for patients to have a more mobile and engaging experience, the hospitals’ enterprise network has become the foundation for...

Connect, Engage, Disrupt-XaaS and the Power of IoT
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Charlie Isaacs, CTO, IoT, Salesforce

My wife frequently reminds me that I’m a very bad driver, so one day I called her bluff and purchased a “driving assistant,” a device that contains an accelerometer and a Bluetooth interface. It plugs into a car’s Onboard...

IoT Enables Bluetooth for Longer Range, Faster Speed and Mesh Networking in 2016
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FREMONT, CA: Bluetooth SIG focuses on 2016 roadmap to serve the enterprises more efficiently by adding IoT to its Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is increasing the Internet of Things (IoT) functionality in its...

ADLINK Provides IoT Gateway Starter Kit, Accelerates Application Development and Deployment
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ADLINK Technology, a provider of cloud based services releases new intelligent IoT Gateway Starter Kit. The kit includes ADLINK’S MXE-202i,  EdgePro IoT device and sensor management utility and corresponding siren...

Frontline Test Equipment Solves Low Energy and Performance Issues of Bluetooth Products
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FREMONT, CA: Frontline Test Equipment. announces the release of their Bluetooth low energy Innovator Suite product to help developers of Bluetooth Smart devices to develop interoperable devices for Internet of Things (IoT) in less time. The...

Google and TP-Link align to unveil OnHub Router for Faster Wi-Fi
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FREMONT, CA: Google launches OnHub, a new router in partnership with TP-LINK. The launch is part of the company’s strategic move to get ready for the connected home and draw more users to its services. The OnHub router is cylindrically...

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