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5 Challenges Facing Start-Ups in 2019
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Ronen Nir, General Partner, Viola Ventures

We’ve seen the lists of the biggest successes of 2017 and the best opportunities for 2018, but what publications tend to leave out is the equally important view of the biggest challenges. As any startup CEO or entrepreneur in the tech space...

FatPipe Networks and RingCentral Collaborate to Facilitate Enterprise Grade Cloud Communication
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Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO

FatPipe Networks, a renowned player in the key SD-WAN technologies arena has announced its partnership with RingCentral, the No.1 cloud communication provider in the world. Both enterprises are looking forward to facilitating enterprise grade...

ADARA releases its New Beta Offering of Cloud SD-WAN Platform
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FREMONT, CA: SDN and Cloud Networking company, ADARA, Inc. announced a new beta offering of its Cloud SD-WAN (software defined wide-area network) for Personal Clouds and IoT.  The specialized version targeting  Android and iOS...

Developing a Robust Cloud Security Strategy
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Deployment to the cloud without a proper plan or a strategy could generate worse gaps in an organization’s defense that didn’t occur previously. Moving ahead to threat management, the success of cloud deployment relies on coordinated...

Moving Workloads to AWS or Azure? These Terminologies are Essential to know
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Many organizations turn to the public cloud for its massive, on-demand compute and storage capabilities. These capabilities matter a little if there is no proper networking to ensure applications run smoothly. AWS and Azure are the two most...

Software Defined Networking: Why IT Executives Can't Underestimate the Importance of Their Digital Plumbing
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Rick Drescher, Managing Director, Technical Services, Savills Studley

The sheer number of infrastructure, platform, and software as a service options available to companies has never been greater. The velocity of new services becoming available shows no signs of slowing down. While each company must evaluate...

Elastic Safety: The New Security for Companies against Security Threats
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The recent breach of Marriott– just after the Equifax incident– shows that traditional security approaches do not work. Why do gaps occur year after year? The reason is simple (although there's no solution). Because IT...

Cost Effectiveness and Security with Serverless Computing
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Corporations widely prefer serverless computing because of its versatile functions. Serverless computing doesn’t follow the conventional method of IaaS; instead, the client would pay only for the utilized functions. From developers and...

Kill the LAN!
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Nick Roethel, Director of Technology Services (CIO), Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The LAN in the traditional sense is dying. For years, network engineers, suppliers and manufacturers have focused on multilayered, complex networks capable of routing traffic through a tapestry of complex equipment. Now, users demand simple...

The Age of Cyber-Cloud Networking
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law. Brian Solis best described this shift...

It's Time for a Beautiful Network
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Kelly Wanser, Founder & CEO, Stateless Networks

How Open Software and Virtualization Transform Network Operations and Business Agility Your business units wanton-demand infrastructure for applications, and are trying public clouds. Data-intensive applications are driving demand and scale....

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Network Security?
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Jeffrey W Brown, CSIRO, BNY Mellon [NYSE:BK]

Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, happen faster and cause more business disruption than ever before. Preventative tools like anti-virus and IDS, have not kept pace. Not by a long shot. This is a problem, because if we are not going to...

WAN's Inevitable Influence
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Mark Horbal, CIO & CTO, SpringBIG

The Impact on WANs is Inescapable The two most significant trends in computing today are the transformation of traditional computer applications with a footprint on a local machine to SaaS web applications and the parallel migration of...

To The Cloud and Beyond- A Death Knell for Private Data Centers?
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Toney Flack, CIO, Wichita State University

  Those of us who have been “in the business forever” recall with fondness the simple times of “the good old days” when corporate data centers were homogeneous environments and the only “MIS” purchasing...

Software Defined Networking: Time to Unshackle the Network
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Jennifer Artley, COO, BT Americas

It’s been said that “software is eating the world.” Internet-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are indeed disrupting industries from the ground up. Public cloud services give startups...

The Role of Data Centers in Today's Networks
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Georgios Kyriakopoulos, VP-Equity Research, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

Communication networks are inherently complex. The internet itself is a collection of numerous independent networks interconnected to form a network of networks the users of which are able to communicate with each other. For example, when a person...

Myths and Truths: How CDNs can protect an Enterprise against DDoS Attacks
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Leon Kuperman, CTO, Zenedge

A common CDN technique to thwart Layer 7 DDoS is page-caching. Since the CDN is caching content and/or pages for minutes or hours, any type of flood traffic to those pages will be absorbed by the CDN. This blocks the attack from ever making it to...

Amplified Wireless Solutions: Proactive DAS Integrators
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Lance Marcum, Owner & Jim Muzynoski, Owner

Amplified Wireless Solutions, Inc. (AWS) started in 2017 as a DAS In-Building integrator. It has the ability to provide turn-key solutions or fill in the cracks for more capable contractors. Whether amplification of emergency... Building Tomorrow's SDNFV & Multi-Cloud Networks
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Adeel Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO

netnology is a team of smart, passionate, and experienced network and software engineers and architects. The SDN solution provider designs and implements large-scale multi-vendor and open-source solutions for next-gen data center,...

BlueRam Technology Solutions: Bringing Enterprise Solutions to Small Businesses
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Ayo Joel-Taiwo, Founder & CEO

Provides IT security, network infrastructure support, voice/IP, and cloud services to small businesses
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