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How Cloud Migration Can Enhance the Organization's Success
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Cloud migration helps the employees to not only simplify the workload but also provides a better experience for customers by enhancing and ensuring success. FREMONT, CA: Enterprises require cloud-first strategies to remain competitive in...

The Future of Technology in Enterprise Networking Platform
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AI and ML platform ease the workload of enterprises and improve their businesses by enhancing the company profit. FREMONT, CA: The networking field is evolving fast. Different emerging technologies fundamentally impact how businesses and their...

5 Enterprise Networking Technologies that Every CIO Must Know About
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Slow networking is old news. It is now time for multi-cloud, edge computing, and intend-based networking for enhanced enterprise networks. FREMONT, CA: From writing on paper to feeding information on to the computer to cloud, our connected...

Is 5G Going to be a Big Revolution in Healthcare Domain?
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5G has a tremendous impact on healthcare technologies. It provides speed, reliability, and stability to all the electronic systems connected to it, thus helping doctors provide the best possible treatment for their patients from wherever they are...

Intelligent Connectivity Solving the Industrial Network Complexities
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By teaming up AI with 5G, businesses can bring in intelligent connectivity with an all-round digital solution, to face new age challenges. FREMONT, CA: The powerful combination of AI and 5G holds the potential to change the ways of our...

Latest Data Center Upgradations to Recreate Data Management
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Data centers are continually evolving and redefining the conventions of data management. This critical transformation opens more opportunities to drive and ease data-driven processes. FREMONT, CA: The demand for data centers is on the rise as...

5G: Towards A Digitally Driven World
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FREMONT, CA: Telecommunication is the transmission of signs, words, signals, messages, sounds or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems and more. Telecommunication happens when the exchange of...

How 5G will Provide Major Boost for AI Innovation
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to gain a significant boost with the emergence of 5G technology, as it will enable companies to deliver many futuristic technology solutions. The combination of 5G and AI will disrupt many traditional...

We Need to Talk About Networks
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Peter Terry-Brown, Connectivity & Unified Communications Director, Vodafone Business

By now it’s no secret that technology is forcing organisations to adapt at speed, challenging the way customers, partners, and employees expect them to do business. This need to adapt is unanimous across industries. In the recent Global...

The Lost and True Power of SDN
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Himal Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO, Canopus Networks

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been arguably termed as a revolution in the networking industry, but it is certainly not observed to be so. The promise of replacing the existing/traditional networking devices with ‘generic white box...

Redefining Network Monitoring with AI
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Enterprise networks have evolved in terms of functioning and usage over the past few decades. Now, modernizing IT, providing the foundation for enterprises to remain competitive are critical for business success. These changes in network...

Necessity of Today's Enterprises: Data Centers
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The data center industry is booming globally.  The focus on the adoption of advanced technologies such as cloud-based services and IoT are augmenting the growth of the global data center market. The extensive use of technology services such...

The Rise of Ethernet and Data Networking
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Data transmission in less time but with a secure environment is putting a huge strain on existing data center network and storage architectures. Also, the demands of the emerging innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and...

Automation: The Cutting Edge Strategy for Every Industry
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Enterprises have always aspired to be faster as every process within the business is being digitalized. The joint ventures of cloud infrastructures, quicker development practices, and microservices have empowered developers to update as well as...

Crypto-agility: Key Component for a Secure Future
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Effective cybersecurity brings down the risk of cyber attacks. Since hackers try to find new ways of accessing, changing or deleting sensitive information and extortion, users must be aware of cyber threats and comply with the basic principles of...

IoT to Rule Here
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Internet of Things (IoT) drives various manufacturing and supply chain processes in its first phase of implementation. Now is the time for the world to witness the second phase of the implementation where IoT will transform the conventional...

Artificial intelligence elevates network-security
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Today’s complex and advanced network environments deal with huge amount of information on a constant basis. This makes the job of IT and security teams challenging to figure out about the actual threats. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being...

Run Smarter, More Efficient Networks with Analytics, Machine Learning, and Automation
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Brendan Gill, CEO, OpenSignal

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change virtually every industry. Smart tools are penetrating the hardware and software used by organizations around the world, helping them to make better decisions and automate...

Dealing With the Uncertainty of Changes
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Greg Pelton, CTO & VP, Infrastructure Engineering, Polycom

What do you think are the biggest obstacles that technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes based model? There is a fundamental perspective change required to be successful in this new model. In the past we have tried for...

Advanced Wireless: Reliable Networking Solutions
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Darryl Morin, President & CEO

Advanced Wireless, Inc. (AWI) enables the Internet of Things in 14 countries, utilizing industry-leading mobile computing, barcode, networking, video and VoIP solutions for partners in distribution, education, government, manufacturing &...