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Saisei: The Next-Generation Network Management
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Julia Sartini, CEO

Delivers next-generation network management for enterprises through algorithms that are specially designed to increase network performance

CloudGenix: A Radical New Approach to Networking
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Joel Christner, Sr. Director of Marketing

CloudGenix integrates heterogeneous WANs at any site, enabling confident deployment of cloud and SaaS applications, improved app performance including visibility and SLAs, and simplifying network operations

Komodo Systems: Illuminating Network Blind Spots
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Chris Hyland, CTO

Provides robust wireless network monitoring solutions to test the user experience of the network

Saisei: Facilitating Optimized Network Performance
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Julia Sartini, COO

Provides scalable, real-time, network performance enforcement solutions

Epsilon: Accelerating Enterprise Transformation with Software-Defined Networking
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Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO & Co-founder

Delivers on-demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs to enable ubiquitous global connectivity

BayInfotech: Transforming Software-defined Networking Capabilities
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Maulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Lead

An IT consulting firm focused on IT managed services, professional and training services, and system integration for Cisco ACI and ECS

MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]: The Gateway To Powerful Team Interactions
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Richard D.McBee, President & CEO

Provides wide range of UC solutions for organizations that help employees to remain connected with their colleagues and clients, regardless of the location or the device they chose to use

6connect: Connect, Orchestrate and Automate
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Aaron Hughes, CEO/CTO & Co-Founder

Provider of network resource provisioning and automation solution that enables centralized provisioning of physical and virtual devices

Aerohive Networks [NYSE:HIVE]: Opening a New Pathway
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David K. Flynn, President & CEO

Delivers an open mobility platform that enables organizations to leverage the power of mobility to increase productivity, engage customers, and grow their business

Britannic Technologies: Communications and Networks Integrators
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Richard Dendle, Managing Director

Specialist in voice communications, systems integration and managed services, maximizing ICT investment

Onvoy: Delivering Advanced VoIP Services for Consolidated Communication
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Fritz Hendricks, President

A VoIP service provider that is making communication efficient, faster, and affordable in their technological ecosystem

Cloud4Wi: The Next Generation of Guest Wi-Fi Drives Customer Engagement
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Andrea Calcagno, CEO

A firm that offers an open Wi-Fi engagement platform to enhance Guest Wi-Fi access at venues.

Aerohive Networks [NYSE: HIVE]: Mobility Changes Everything
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David K. Flynn, President and CEO

Aerohive delivers an open mobility platform that simplifies and transforms the Connected Experience™, through information, insights, and applications....

Exinda Networks: Incrementing the Quality of Experience
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Aseem Parikh, Chief Strategy Office

Provides solutions which are designed to coordinate users, devices, applications and activities across all network locations

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