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Best Data Visualization Tools
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Data has to be modified or visualized to collect meaningful information better than being in its raw state. Today, sophisticated tools and techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics are used for collecting...

Mobile Applications and Web Applications: Future of App Development
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Mobile applications (apps) are built for a specific platform, as Android for a Nokia device or iOS for an iPhone device. Mobile apps are installed and downloaded via app store, and they have access to system resources as GPS and camera function....

Rich Communication Services (RCS) Are Here - What You Need to Know
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Chris Drake, CTO, iconectiv

Imagine a group of people in a chat session engaging with various businesses to purchase movie tickets while chatting, book a restaurant reservation or see directions all in unison. That is pretty rich. In the past year, the advanced messaging...

Digital Transformation Starts With Mobility: Some Practical Advice
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Mike Baca, Director, Digital Transformation & Mobility, AmerisourceBergen Corp

IT Leaders currently contemplating digital transformation feel a lot like summer vacationers on their first day at the beach. Excited, they rush to the waters’ edge—after all, that’s where the fun is. But before long, the shock...

Rugged Managed Mobility Delivers More Control, Lower Costs
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Marco Nielsen, VP, Managed Mobility Services, Stratix Corporation

For one large auto parts distributor, getting a handle on mobility posed major challenges. Each of the company’s 58 distribution centers had its own mobile budget, so the technology varied by location. Capital spending was difficult to...

Innovating Intelligently
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Joe Iannello, VP & CIO, Capital Metro

Regardless of what business you are in, whether you work in the private or public sector—if you are selling or providing a product or service to your customers— then innovation is a critical success factor in gaining and retaining...

A Look at Digital Natives
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Dennis Depp, Associate CIO, University of Minnesota

Have you watched how 20 somethings use the internet? My 21 year old son does everything on his cell phone. I’m not just talking about texting, Snapchat and Instagram. Last year he filed his taxes online. Like many of his digital native...

The Virtual Workforce -Enabling Employees to
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Rick Owens, VP, Infrastructure & Operations, Sitel

For many years, organizations and business users have grown accustomed to the concept of Bring your own Device (BYOD), as more and more members of the workforce use mobile devices to blend work, life and recreation. It is not unusual to see young...

The Newer Version of Seagauge Makes Onboard Instrument Viewing Way Convenient
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL-  At 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Chetco Digital Instruments unveiled the upgrade of SeaGauge product line with second generation vessel analog sensor interface units. Its remote sensor units convert...

Frontline Test Equipment Solves Low Energy and Performance Issues of Bluetooth Products
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FREMONT, CA: Frontline Test Equipment. announces the release of their Bluetooth low energy Innovator Suite product to help developers of Bluetooth Smart devices to develop interoperable devices for Internet of Things (IoT) in less time. The...

Xirrus Introduces EasyPass to Streamlines Wi-Fi Access
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FREMONT, CA: Xirrus announced EasyPass, a suite of services for mobile device management to access Wi-Fi service. EasyPass is a set of software services that easily connects users to Wi-Fi networks with minimum IT involvement to solve the...

MITEL [NASDAQ:MITL]: The Gateway To Powerful Team Interactions
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Richard D.McBee, President & CEO

Provides wide range of UC solutions for organizations that help employees to remain connected with their colleagues and clients, regardless of the location or the device they chose to use Innovative Video Conferencing Server Software with Mobile Clients
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Andrew Sviridenko, Founder & Chairman

Provides innovative voice and video over IP engines that allow carriers, OEMs, and software developers to deliver superior quality and integrated VVoIP

Apivio Systems Inc.: Next-Gen Voice Solutions
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Rob Bakshi, President & CEO

Provides high-quality office and residential communications devices with a new focus on mobility and Android based applications

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