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Dealing With the Uncertainty of Changes
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Greg Pelton, CTO & VP, Infrastructure Engineering, Polycom

What do you think are the biggest obstacles that technologists face in working in a more agile and outcomes based model? There is a fundamental perspective change required to be successful in this new model. In the past we have tried for...

Importance of Building an automated and secure networking Infrastructure
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Jean Turgeon, VP & Chief Technologist, Avaya

The Evolution of Networking Industry A lot has changed in the Networking industry over the last five years, but the biggest change is the alignment required with the business owners, as opposed to IT just focusing on providing...

Wireless First for Microsoft Employees
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Brent Hermanson, Principal Manager, Microsoft

Real-time collaboration and modern work environments require people to be mobile and untethered from their traditional desktops. Our employees expect a seamless wireless experience across multiple devices, starting with ease of connecting to our...

The Present and Future of Information Technology in the Enterprise
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Jako van Blerk, CIO, Macomb County Government

There is an exponential growth in demand for Information Technology (IT) to deliver quality solutions in an acceptable timeframe. This calls for a change in the strategic mindset of the IT decision makers. The traditional KTLO (keep the lights...

Journey towards Continuous Improvement
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Chad Leverenz, VP, IT Infrastructure and Development, Mercy Housing

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Networking industry? Microsoft Azure was a Proof-of- Concept project (PoC) we implemented in late 2013. Our CIO, Christy Richardson, assembled a team of Cloud and...

Understanding the Business First
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Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company

Role of CIOs The role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) was formed in the early 1980s, now almost 40 years in the making the responsibilities of the CIO have profoundly transformed. The original CIO operated as senior executive in the...

Leveraging Technology to Create Better Spaces
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Terry Lenhardt, VP & CIO, Steelcase

I frequently meet with customers at our Grand Rapids location. For over 100 years, our company has created workplaces, so the visiting customer groups typically include an architect, an interior designer and a representative from facilities....

Digital Transformation: The Networking Challenge of Our Time
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Andrew Dugan, SVP- Network Architecture & Engineering, Level 3 Communications

Anywhere we look today, across nearly every industry and continent, we see evidence of a world in the midst of a digital transformation. Regardless of their traditional markets and models, businesses ranging from local coffee shops to...

Bridging the Gap: Unified Communications for the Multigenerational Workforce
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Rich Shaw, VP, Voice & Collaboration Product Management, AT&T

The landscape of our workforce is rapidly changing. As millions of baby boomers enter retirement, a new generation has arrived: millennials. This tech-savvy generation (aged 18-30) is expected to comprise half of the global workforce by 2020....

Innovating Intelligently
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Joe Iannello, VP & CIO, Capital Metro

Regardless of what business you are in, whether you work in the private or public sector—if you are selling or providing a product or service to your customers— then innovation is a critical success factor in gaining and retaining...

SDN vs. SD-WAN: A Buyer's Guide
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Ray Watson, VP of Global Technology, Masergy

Based on naming conventions alone Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are easily confused. You’d be forgiven for assuming they are one and the same. Both are relatively new technologies, both...

New Paradigm of Converged SD-WAN, Security and Virtualization
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Michael O’Malley, VP Strategy & Business Development, Radware

As IT departments look for more and better ways to offer reliable services to their enterprise users, two significant trends attempt to remake the WAN interface. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is rapidly changing how enterprises deploy connectivity...

Views and Insights on Virtualization Issues and Trends
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Mark Schlesinger, CIO, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Virtualization is a broad topic with many definitions that also span many critical components of infrastructure as well as applications. My hope here is to provide practical insight into this maturing strategy as well as provide some practical...

Software Defined Networking: Time to Unshackle the Network
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Jennifer Artley, COO, BT Americas

It’s been said that “software is eating the world.” Internet-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are indeed disrupting industries from the ground up. Public cloud services give startups...

The Business Value of Software-Defined Networking
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Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble, ADVA Optical Networking

I was recently talking to an IT professional in a mid-size enterprise about some of the issues she faces with today’s tools. Like most IT teams, she and her colleagues are extremely challenged to deliver the expected level of service across...

Software Defined Networks and Beyond: Four Steps to Fast IT
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Jim Grubb, VP Marketing & Chief Demonstration Officer, Cisco

There’s no doubt that software-defined networking (SDN) is today’s latest buzzword and hot topic. Most IT managers understand that SDN has the potential to improve networks, but SDN often has a different meaning for different people,...

ADP's Software Defined Network Journey
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Vincent Patrizio, VP-Head of Global Network Services

ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of human capital management services, including comprehensive payroll solutions, human resources, benefits, time and labor and talent management. The company is a long-time leader in the cloud...

Fujitsu Selects PrismTech's Vortex OpenSplice to Improve Framework of 1FINITY
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FREMONT, CA: Fujitsu, provider of IT services, chooses PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice- a Distribution Data Service (DDS) that helps data transfer across various platforms, to add a new framework to its 1FINITY Networking Platform. Fujitsu...

Adoption of SDN-driven Networking Model in Federal Agencies Still a Challenge: Report
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FREMONT, CA: Brocade, a networking solutions provider, has unveiled the report of a Federal IT Survey. This report was based on an online survey conducted by Market Connections with 200 federal governments IT decision makers and influencers...

Verizon to Implement SDN Architecture Strategy to Deliver Innovative Services
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NEW YORK, NY: Verizon, a broadband and telecommunications company has announced that it is implementing SDN architecture so as to form new innovative services and applications for its customers. The implementation designs, builds and manages...

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