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Suncall America: Streamlining Quality and Reliability in Fiber Optics

Kazu Toyama, President, Suncall AmericaKazu Toyama, President
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

This quote from Albert Einstein effectively captures and concisely communicates the power of imagination. From a purely business standpoint, imagination and creative problem solving are capable of ushering in plenty of benefits. And, who better to exemplify this statement than Texas-based Suncall America.

A company truly ‘Engineered by Imagination’, Suncall America with more than two decades of experience in the fiber optics industry, plays an instrumental role in the burgeoning optical networking landscape with its innovative and unique range of fiber optic and network connectivity solutions. Today, a fiber optics division of Suncall Corporation, Suncall America is an industry-leading provider of customized network connectors, adapters, and accessories for hundreds of clients and is well-positioned to meet even the most demanding of challenges. With its adept faculty and strong R&D wing, Suncall America works in collaboration with customers to design, develop, and manufacture advanced connectors, adapters, and accessories for the datacenter application, wireless communication, and telecom communication fields. “We conduct thorough market research before designing a product so that we can deliver not only a unique product for our customers but something that sustains in the future,” states Kazu Toyama, President of Suncall America.

With a proven commitment to customer-focused solutions, the company designs and delivers state-of-the-art LC network connectors and adapters, also called Small Form Factors or SFF that includes fiber optic passive connectors and connectors to address the optical connectivity requirements in the data center marketplace. Recognizing the need for space conservation, Suncall America enhanced their LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapter with trimmer dimensions. The New LC IS Slimpack Adapter is now only 9.4 mm high and is available in two different spring-latch configurations, allows its utilization in HD packaging.

We conduct thorough market research before designing a product so that we can deliver not only a unique product for our customers but something that sustains in the future

While the company’s topnotch and personalized LC connection solutions are widely used for datacenter applications, it also find significant application in the modified cell towers, rapidly replacing older copper coax cables with fiber optic cables in the wireless communication domain.

In a world of surging internet-connected devices and increasing public demand for uninterrupted network connection, Suncall America brings in its industry-dominating series of SC connectors and adapters for meeting the varying requirements in the telecom communication industry. The company’s SC series of optical fiber connectors and adapters provide seamless and efficient fiber to the home (FTTH) connection units of all sizes, thereby establishing a speedy domestic communication system. “We take pride in providing innovative solutions to the evolving industry. Our technical knowledge with in-house engineering and manufacturing departments allows us to provide customized solutions and support to our clients,” says Toyama. Suncall America follows rigorous testing and quality control in every stage of manufacturing—designing, injection moulding, testing, measuring, dimensions, technical documentation, and production.

The company’s vast business expertise along with a dominant R&D wing ascertains its unique position in the market as a trusted and viable partner, who can implement quality and reliability in control and management in the optical networking industry.

Suncall America strives to continually improve its existing products as well as design and develop new solutions in the fiber optics landscape. Its two new products under development are the MPO internal shutter adapter and the SC internal shutter adapter, which caters extra protection to technicians from laser exposure while reducing dust and debris. The company expects a constant 20 percent annual increase in sales for the next five years and looks forward to establishing its patronage in Europe soon for delivering better and quick service to customers.