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Relay2: Transforming Digital Infrastructure with Integrated WiFi Edge Computing Solutions

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Eric Chen, Founder, CEO and CTO, Relay2Eric Chen, Founder, CEO and CTO
Enterprises rely heavily on WiFi networks, computer and storage devices, and application software to run their operations and facilitate business communications. With the unprecedented demand for remote work facilities, many of these enterprises find themselves struggling to upgrade their digital infrastructure—a cost- and resource-intensive endeavor—to handle the rising volume and complexity of data transmission. In tandem, managed service providers (MSPs) that expend valuable resources in managing enterprises’ IT infrastructure are losing profits on installations of multiple WiFi networks, expensive server devices, and different application software for their clients.

Relay2, with its industry-first platform for providing integrated WiFi and edge computing solutions, takes a leap forward in enabling MSPs to simplify IT networks and ease application management for enterprises. Relay2’s lightweight Converged WiFi Edge Computing network infrastructure is a cloud-managed, WiFi-based, on-premise edge computing solution empowering businesses to develop, run, and manage digital transformation applications at customer network faster, more efficient, more scalable, and centralized Management.

“We combine WiFi and edge computing for flat and simplified the IT infrastructure management, enabling single console handling of both the WiFi and computer software stacks,” says Eric Chen, Founder, CEO, and CTO of Relay2.

The integrated WiFi AP-edge computing platform relieves enterprises of separately installing WiFi and computer devices, significantly reducing the cost of digital infrastructure development. With Relay2’s cloud features, MSPs can save deployment costs for themselves and their clients by installing Relay2 Access Points (AP)—edge computing included ina WiFi network—to ensure seamless management and low latency services user experiences.

Once the AP is plugged in, it connects to the internet and automatically downloads and installs the defined edge applications from the cloud. Relay2’s network platform can auto-direct users traffic to the target edge application as requested by authorized users accessing the application in the WiFi network from any of the APs, without IT’s changes in the existing network.
Relay2 blends computer, storage, and network directly in the WiFi AP as a Service Point, which provides as an alternative and simplified infrastructure for digital transformation development.

With Service Point edge computing, the application and contents are co-located at local network, which offload the traffic to reserve the network bandwidth and improve the multimedia applications performance, reliability, and privacy security.

The integrated platform is developed by Relay2’s highly competent global team with expertise in building enterprise WiFi solutions and edge devices. The team also designs cloud computing solutions for computer management, control, and virtualization to ease data sharing between authorized users on the AP.

Relay2 also deftly handles the security aspect of its offerings. To secure WiFi networks, it features standard enterprise security from the likes of Cisco and Aruba, and also network-based and personnel-based security measures. On the edge applications front, Relay2 allows clients, partners, and distributors to install their own security systems. Relay2 also builds added layers of user authentication by configuring the platform according to clients’ security requirements.
  • We combine WiFi and edge computing for enriching today's WiFi Access Point vertical technology for value-added services and simplified, unified digital infrastructure management

Apart from enterprises, Relay2’s platform has also found takers among school districts in four U.S. states. As the platform reduces bandwidth dependency and enables streaming multimedia content on existing networks without infrastructure upgrades, it is ideal for use in e-learning technologies. By pre-caching or pre-hosting the streamed data in the AP, the platform enables students to participate in online classes and tests and submit home assignments remotely on low bandwidth internet connections, or even without the internet.

The numerous game-changing efficiencies accorded by Relay2’s platform are aiding its growing popularity, with MSPs serving the IT infrastructure management needs of SMBs, schools, tourism, retail stores, and IoT companies. Relay2 stands as the much-needed pillar of support to MSPs, enabling them to lift the burden of IT infrastructure management from enterprises and gain enhanced business capabilities.
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Milpitas, CA

Eric Chen, Founder, CEO and CTO

Relay2’s one-of-a-kind Wi-Fi access and edge computing platform enables mobile network operators, Wi-Fi carriers, and managed service providers to build horizontal and vertical business applications and services on top of a cloud-managed Wi-Fi network that eliminates latencies and reduces backhaul traffic requirements