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Drew Reed, Founder and President, Reed DynamicDrew Reed, Founder and President
Extending a Wi-Fi connection from one building to another might seem to be an art perfected by only a handful of professionals in an evolving IT landscape that relies on stable networking infrastructure. Finding companies that house such experts can be difficult, but Reed Dynamic makes sure those in search of reliable and affordable wireless connectivity have to a no further.

Reed Dynamic is a cabling and Wi-Fi solutions provider that offers full-service web design and development services along with a slew of enterprise-level IT services. Its portfolio includes structured cabling installation, wireless network installation, and point-to-point Wi-Fi bridges. The company maintains extensive domain expertise in setting up Wi-Fi connections in residential projects or multilevel commercial buildings that perform better than range extenders and Wi-Fi meshes.

The fact that Reed Dynamic partners with Ubiquiti, a company that provides comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions and equipment, particularly helps it stand out in the market. With Ubiquiti, Reed Dynamic provides point-to-multipoint Wi-Fi bridge systems and access points, regardless of the size of a client’s business. The company renders a complete Wi-Fi solution and low voltage service that often ties into a Wi-Fi system. Additionally, it offers a turnkey solution for managing all devices and analyzing data, enabling businesses to host their systems locally and easily with Reed Dynamic’s cloud-based tooling.

“We have a one-stop shop solution that connects all Wi-Fi equipment under a single pane of glass,” says Drew Reed, Founder and President of Reed Dynamic.
Companies of all sizes find a unique experience in working with the Reed Dynamic team. Their initial task is to gather all relevant information about the client. The founder and the technical lead visit the job site after completing all the onboarding processes. They then provide customized solutions to suit the client’s varying cabling and Wi-Fi integration needs. The team additionally presents customers with power and setup for networking devices as well as network cabinets if high voltage is required.

We have a one-stop shop solution that connects all Wi-Fi equipment under a single pane of glass

Reed Dynamic goes the extra mile by way of its training services that teach clients how to utilize the management portal for their network system. The company also provides maintenance and replacement support, empowering clients with desirable return on investment.

Since 2010, Reed Dynamic has grown into a large technology company with a robust set of services, including a team of skilled programmers, designers, network engineers, and social media consultants. Each employee sets themselves apart due to their customer-centric nature, driven by passion and creativity. The Reed Dynamic approach to customer education involves establishing a dialogue with prospective customers without preconceived ideas about a product. By carefully identifying and engaging the required resources, the company tailors the process to the needs of each organization. It educates them on what to look out for while designing a wireless connection, such as the implementation of scalable solutions and strategies to achieve self-sufficiency. Reed Dynamic maintains a full stock of Ubiquiti hardware to continually provide the best quality of service to its clients, operating as a hub for Ubiquiti in Detroit. Ultimately, the company seeks to better understand how to help each client keep their Wi-Fi systems on track, and is looking forward to building a future upon its success.
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Reed Dynamic

Reed Dynamic

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Drew Reed, Founder and President

Reed Dynamic is a full-service eCommerce web development and IT Services shop in Michigan. They are dedicated to finding the best software solutions with creativity by evaluating your business’ needs, and company policies to deliver an easy-to-follow blueprint for the future.