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Sam Walker, VP EMEAI Channel Sales, ProLabsSam Walker, VP EMEAI Channel Sales
With the imminent deployment of 5G and increased traffic from high-performance cloud services on the horizon, networks are predicted to boost their bandwidth to 100+ Gbps. This puts tremendous pressure on network connectivity devices to function at an optimal level, with a near zero probability of failure.

As the largest and longest-running global provider of third-party optical connectivity solutions, ProLabs is well positioned to support clients with its wide range of high-quality optical connectivity products. The company provides state-of-the-art transceivers, DACs and AOCs, media converters, optical channel devices, multiplexers, patch cables, and accessory cables to help organizations unleash the full potential of their optical network investments.

“Quality without compromise is the key mantra for our company. We offer the broadest set of solutions available from 100 Megabit to 400 Gigabit in all areas of the network,” states Sam Walker, VP of EMEAI Channel Sales at ProLabs.

ProLabs’ products stand head and shoulders above its competition, owing to the company’s relentless commitment to quality and excellence. Every unit is programmed and tested in-house before shipping and verified at the point of application. ProLabs test centers are in the US and the UK and comprise over 400 network elements across numerous OEM technologies. This helps the company achieve near-zero dead-on-arrival failure rates, providing clients the confidence that the solution will work in their chosen environment.
Not just that, ProLabs provides a lifetime warranty on its products and an advance replacement service at no additional cost or support contract.

ProLabs also provides global engineering support, with a set of experienced engineers in Europe and the US providing a ‘follow the sun’ 24/7/365 consultative service for customers.

Each of ProLabs’ diverse solutions comes at a price point up to 70 percent lower than the equivalent OEM offering. This helps customers save money and frees up their budget to use for other projects and parts of their network. ProLabs ships 95 percent of orders within 48 hours. For any products not in stock typically they will be shipped in no more than two to four weeks—a factor that helps ProLabs outperform its competition. The company holds a large and broad inventory of products in the UK and the US where they can easily pull between warehouses, meaning if a part is out of stock in the UK, it can then be procured from the US.

Quality without compromise is the key mantra for our company. We offer the broadest set of solutions available from 100 Megabit to 400 Gigabit in all areas of the network

“Although our focus really is on optical connectivity in the network, we also provide a range of desktop and server-based accessories,” Walker adds.

Given the range of compatibility and choice, support for over 100 different OEMs, the ability to multi-code— with universal transceivers or code stacking—and a global 24/7/365 support, ProLabs is the partner of choice for its many customers. It is a fact that has resonated in each of ProLabs’ engagements and certainly is a hallmark of its value moving forward.

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Sam Walker, VP EMEAI Channel Sales

ProLabs is one of the world's largest and longest-running third-party optics solutions providers. The company offers a broad spectrum of optical solutions ranging from transceivers to fiber connectivity solutions, along with server-based products and desktop accessories