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Nfina Technologies: Scalable And Reliable Storage

CIO VendorWarren Nicholson, President and CEO If there is one thing that Warren Nicholson, the President, and CEO of Nfina Technologies, can remember from his humble beginnings as the founder of Nfina, it is the quick realization that he had while offering cloud-based services such as web hosting and VoIP. “We started Nfina as cloud storage and hosting company with a caching technology that was much ahead in its game. But soon, it became clear to me that the ‘cloud as a storage’ as a business model, will be a race to the bottom,” he mentions.

While cloud computing was flourishing back in 2012, cloud storage was expensive. In such a scenario, Nicholson’s decision to evolve as a hardware and cloud solutions provider benefited the company. The next few years witnessed Nfina’s transition into a force to reckon in the server and storage solutions provider landscape. With a diversified portfolio that ranges from thin clients to large servers, Nfina today develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable server and data storage products, designed to solve the most demanding data center requirements and mission-critical applications.

Nfina offers a wide array of servers capable of meeting the needs of a business of any size, from a small business needing scalable bandwidth to a large data center requiring extreme performance. The best-in-class components that the company delivers along with the meticulous attention to detail and quality in the manufacturing process results in competent server performance for the clients. Multiple options for CPUs, RAID, storage, memory, and operating systems are offered to the clients within each series of server products. These options not only make Nfina’s servers extremely flexible but also enable them to customize for meeting and exceeding clients’ requirements. Further, Nfina’s server products follow an open systems approach, thereby allowing clients to steer clear of vendor lock-in.

Reliable, Efficient, Fault Tolerant

According to Nicholson, Nfina is a leading small-scale vendor and original design manufacturer which is outstripping bigger companies such as Dell™/EMC™, HPE and IBM®, in terms of the server market share. The reason being that Nfina is on a mission to develop servers and data storage equipment that are best in quality and yet available at the lowest total cost of ownership. “We accelerate a quick ROI through our delivery mechanism and the state-of-the-art technology we have, which in turn helps companies make strategic purchases and partnerships,” informs Nicholson.

Nfina leverages hyper-convergence technology and combines it with best-in-class hardware to create storage systems and IT products that are fast, reliable, efficient, and fault tolerant.

Nfina's team has decades of experience in designing servers, network equipment, manufacturing, and data centers, and also comes with rich expertise in financial management

“There is a massive increase in the amount of data being generated, and it requires vast storage space. Hyperconvergence integrates storage with the compute and the networking components of a system and controls the storage system with a single management layer, providing better results than the traditional hardware could deliver,” explains Nicholson.

Nfina’s portfolio of diversified solutions includes storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) products, JBOD devices, servers, PCs, and workstations, all of which are customized to fit an organizations’ applications. These products deliver the best amalgam of performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Nfina also delivers Open-E® JovianDSS™, a ZFS-based data storage software custom-built for enterprise-sized software-defined storage environments. The software has been appreciated for its highest performance, flexibility, reliability, integrity, and ROI. JovianDSS supports iSCSI, SMB/CIFS, and NFS protocols and is packed with advanced enterprise-class features like off-site data protection, thin provisioning, compression, and de-duplication.

"We accelerate a quick ROI through our delivery mechanism and the state-of-the-art technology that we have. This in turn helps companies to make strategic purchases and partnerships"

High, Secure Performance— Delivered

While Nfina’s value servers are designed for small to medium-sized business applications and dedicated applications, the company delivers superior performance through its line of performance servers. With options including dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 family CPUs with up to 22 cores each, the premium servers are capable of meeting truly demanding computing needs. Further, the Nfina Premium Scalable Servers offer a new level of platform convergence and capabilities including higher per core performance, 50 percent increased memory capacity and 48 lanes of PCIe® bandwidth and throughput. The future-ready servers also provide a myriad of configuration options for any size of the workload, from general-purpose compute and hybrid-cloud deployments to mission-critical applications.

Nfina’s uniqueness as a lean and efficient organization is substantiated by its ability to offer its solutions at a fraction of the price that other vendors charge. The company adds even more value with a market leading five-year standard warranty and a 2M hour mean time between failures (MTBF), making the solutions highly reliable.
“Nfina’s 700, 800, 7000, and 8000 series open SAN products powered by Open-E JovianDSS software are easy to set up and use, allow for flexible storage, and offer unlimited snapshots with no single point of failure,” mentions Nicholson. Another factor that truly differentiates Nfina in the market is their cybersecurity advantage: the products are free of bloatware, adware, spyware, or any other tracking software. “We are the only true and organic server-storage and hyper-converged manufacturer. Every product that the company ships are free from any additional software— such as bloatware or adware—other than the bare essentials, the OS, and required applications. This makes Nfina servers and storage solutions the most cyber-secure offerings, touting a score of zero for Nfina versus many for all other vendors, in terms of reported Homeland Security Vulnerabilities,” informs Nicholson. Likewise, Nfina’s NAS products are quintessential as high-performance storage solutions for backup and disaster recovery and for creating or adding to storage pools in a high-availability cluster.

Bearing validation to Nfina’s reliable, flexible, efficient, and low-cost products is their success story with an Alabama-based customer, a large radiological clinic that provides imaging services. The client had traditional on-premise compute, SAN storage, VMware, and hypervisors, all of which needed an upgrade—and that would exceed their financial outlay. “They were looking for a low-cost vendor, and that’s when we came in,” says Nicholson. Nfina integrated a hyper-converged storage spaces direct cluster into the client’s system. “We did it in a cost-effective and timely manner, providing many benefits that included efficient pricing, support, and quality. These advantages enabled them to achieve a 30 percent increase in their overall system performance,” adds Nicholson.

The Future Vision

Nicholson deems his team and the employees to be the mainstay of Nfina. “We have people who are passionate about technology and are devoted to creating value for our clients,” he extols. Nfina’s team has decades of experience in designing servers, network equipment, manufacturing, and data centers, and also comes with rich expertise in financial management. Leading from the front, Nicholson is armed with decades of technological experience, creating rugged, high reliability networking equipment. He is fueled by a desire to bring that quality and performance to the mainstream data storage market even in the future.

Striding forward, Nfina will be working on a client-server monitoring software for storage and networking equipment which will have inbuilt predictive capabilities, an open architecture that would allow users to import third-party management information base (MIB), and the scalability to monitor data centers and cloud-based deployments alike. Besides, Nfina will also launch a novel and intuitive firewall product. “This latest solution will have almost the same look and feel as per the monitoring software,” mentions Nicholson. The firewall product will be leveraging the same user interfaces and will be Linux-based available at a fair price point, in a way tying back to Nfina’s cybersecurity approach. With the amount of data being produced and consumed proliferating at an alarming rate and the need for dependable and plentiful data storage devices increasing, Nfina is well-prepared to overcome the most demanding data center requirements of enterprises.
- Justin Smith
    September 14, 2018