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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 23,2020

Feature of the Week

Serverless computing will reduce the burden from the IT by administrating reliability, security tasks, maintenance, and performance.  Read more
The demand for cloud services is increasing rapidly in the market, and hence, the enterprises are also trying to move into a hybrid model.  Read more
Technology is emerging at an accelerated pace and is primarily driven by the demands of the user experience, will redefine networking and security.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Robert Lewis, CIO, Assurant  
For most businesses today, it is about integration--seamless integration into industry leading productivity software and solutions. Today’s environment demands interoperability among many components for a single solution.  Read more
By Ram Murthy, CIO, US Railroad Retirement Board  
With ever increasing information security and privacy risks, we must make our systems and processes more robust.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Yasuo Ishii, President & CEO,   
Sanwa provides quality connectivity solutions and components to a quickly evolving industry of broadband and data communications technology, leading in innovative network infrastructure of the future  Read more
By Helmut Kopel, CEO,   
Zstor offers high-performance and cost-effective data center solutions for hosting internet providers, universities, and research organizations. The company is famous for the years of expertise it brings in the SDN sector and has amassed a...  Read more
By Reza Toghraee, Director,   
Undertakes network automation projects and builds software-driven networks for enterprises as well as service provides  Read more

CXO Insights

By Scott Braus, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  
We’ve all heard the question “what keeps you up at night?” And of course every vendor and consultant has exactly what’s needed let us get some much needed shut-eye.  Read more
By Mercè Crosas, Ph.D., Chief Data Science & Technology Officer, Harvard University  
Imagine combining the power and scalability of cloud computing and storage with access to thousands of datasets hosted in a reliable and feature-rich data repository platform?  Read more