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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 22,2021

Feature of the Week

Businesses are shifting to cloud-based SDN network because it allows them to move from physical hardware and control the entire network through software  Read more
Wireless technology includes radio and television broadcasting, cellular communication, radar communication, global positioning systems (GPS), Bluetooth, WiFi, and radio frequency identification, among other things  Read more
With the increasing attacks on wireless networks, companies must apply wireless security to prevent unauthorized access to networks  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties  
The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law.  Read more
By Dhrumil Shah, CMIO/CIO, Compass Medical  
Technology enabled disruptive innovations have paved the way for consumerism in many industries like automotive, retail, finance and telecommunications. Then why is healthcare consumerism so difficult and complex, that most disruptive technologies  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Dr. Vamsi K. Palukuru, academician and antenna industry veteran,   
CoreIoT Technologies offers best-in-class antenna and RF passive component technology solutions designed for IoT devices, regardless of their complexity. Led by Dr. Vamsi K. Palukuru, an academician and antenna industry veteran, CoreIoT provides...  Read more
By Dan Klimke, Director of Product Marketing,   
NetAlly is a network testing and validation solutions provider whose products help network technicians and engineers run active diagnoses of wired and WiFi network problems and find quick resolutions. NetAlly develops its hardware as portable...  Read more
By Henry Park, Founder & CEO,   
Provides consulting and managed services focused on Converged Network Technologies and Integrated solutions  Read more

CXO Insights

By Andy Weir, Executive General Manager, Bankwest Technology & Transformation  
To be successful in the future we know we have to be responsive to our customers' rapidly-changing needs.  Read more
By Parantap Lahiri, VP, Network and Datacenter Engineering at eBay  
In order to cater to the needs of cloud-native applications, many modern cloud scale data centers have built dense mesh Layer 3 routed networks using mainly simple and standardized protocols like BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)  Read more