Zyxel Launches All-In-One Security Solution "ZyWALL VPN1000

Zyxel Launches All-In-One Security Solution "ZyWALL VPN1000

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

ZyWALL VPN1000 provides a full line of scalable security solutions for small- to large-sized businesses to protect their data in one location or across the enterprise.

FREMONT, CA: Zyxel, a pioneer in IP technology and a leading provider of a complete portfolio of multi-service LTE, fiber and DSL broadband gateways, announces the launch of the ZyWALL VPN1000 VPN Firewall, all-in-one VPN solution for small to mid-size businesses. The company also offers home connectivity solutions, smart home devices and enterprise-class Ethernet switches, security and Wi-Fi equipment.

ZyWALL VPN firewall is a flagship product of the Zyxel family, which is an integrated security solution that combines a robust firewall with high-performance VPN tunnel capabilities. This ability protects the local network against threats, thereby enhancing security by safeguarding data communications between multiple locations or hybrid clouds.

Businesses engaged in protecting sensitive internal and customer data both within the LAN and across the WAN between locations are continuously subjected to cybercrime threats. To address this, VPN1000, which is an easy-to-deploy rack-mountable solution, provides robust security and central management to connect and protect the cross-group network.

Some of the notable benefits of ZyWALL VPN1000 Firewall include centralized cloud management and monitoring where it can be operated in a standalone gateway mode for more robust VPN functionality. The high-performance VPN1000 enables secure remote connections while featuring 12 configurable Gigabit Ethernet ports and two SFP ports. Businesses can quickly deploy or expand a managed Wi-Fi network using integrated AP controller technology that allows users to manage up to 1,032 access points from a centralized user interface. The new product is known for its high availability service providing non-stop internet connectivity even when one device is inoperable.

“The ZyWALL VPN1000 is a welcomed addition to our growing portfolio of VPN Firewall products because it provides medium- and large-sized businesses with a powerful, cloud-managed network security solution to securely connect and protect data communications within and across the enterprise,” explained David Soares, Executive VP Channel Sales & Marketing EMEA & North America. “The combination of VPN, SD-WAN, AP controller, security software, and High-Availability service make the VPN1000 a robust easy-to-manage network security solution for businesses of all sizes.”

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