Z-Wave Alliance Develops New Z-Wave Long Range Specification

Z-Wave Alliance Develops New Z-Wave Long Range Specification

By Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, September 14, 2020

As smart home networks continue to evolve and add more complex devices, there is a need for more robust technology like Z-Wave Long Range to support them.

FREMONT, CA: The Z-Wave Alliance, a standards company dedicated to developing and advancing the popular Z-Wave wireless smart home protocol, announces the new Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specification. Designed to offer the significantly extended wireless range and support robust networks, Z-Wave LR extends Z-Wave connectivity beyond the interior boundaries of the home to enhance the wireless transmission range of peripheral Z-Wave devices like door locks, garage door sensors, and gate access solutions while increasing scalability to nodes on a single, smart home network.

Developed and managed by the Z-Wave Alliance Technical & Certifications team, Z-Wave LR ushers in a new age of Z-Wave connectivity and presents expanded options for the smart home, multi-dwelling units, and hospitality use cases.

The features include increased coverage to ensure the complete home or building coverage, or to expand the network into the yard. Z-Wave LR avoids the need for a repeater by increasing the transmission range found in Z-Wave. Its increased scalability supports the upward trend in the number of sensor and IoT devices within homes and MDU environments. Z-Wave LR also boosts scalability on a single, smart home network to over 2000 nodes – a 10x increase from Z-Wave. With dynamic power control to optimize operation, Z-Wave LR raised typical sensor use cases on a coin cell battery for up to ten years. As with all certified Z-Wave devices, Z-Wave LR devices can be deployed within any Z-Wave network and feature interoperability and backward compatibility with any previously installed Z-Wave device.

The Z-Wave LR specification will be managed and certified under the Z-Wave Plus V2 certification program, which presently mandates the inclusion of the improved S2 security framework and SmartStart, a setup feature that allows true plug and plays for the consumer smart home.

The Z-Wave LR specification is the first of many technological developments to come from within the new Alliance standards development organizational structure. It is more important than ever that IoT devices live on strong, reliable networks, and Z-Wave Alliance is excited to support this with the latest Z-Wave specification.

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