Wisilica'sWiSe Platform to Enhance Intelligent Internet of Things

Wisilica'sWiSe Platform to Enhance Intelligent Internet of Things

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: WiSilica, provider of IoT solutions launches WiSe platform, an end-to-end solution which connects several devices by adding predictive intelligence to improve user experience, efficiency and reduce cost.

WiSe Connect platform enables secure connectivity, control, management and data gathering at device, app and cloud level. This will allow the manufactures, installers, integrators and data scientists to enhance their products and configure them with a pre-defined end user experience. The platform can be tethered to smarthomes, buildings, lighting sensors and wearables into intelligent devices and can be managed through mobile apps and on cloud. 

"WiSilica provides customers with the building blocks and framework to create complete smart IoT environments. By proactively working with its customers on end-to-end solutions from concept and design through configuration and deployment, we help them to reduce cost and time to ROI while ensuring that solutions meet their needs and are fully integrated with other technologies," says Suresh Singamsetty, Founder and CEO, WiSilica. 

The benefits drawn from this technology includes behavioral and contextual intelligence with real-time updates, operational efficiency thereby improving user experience. With the help of cloud- based services and applications, smart devices meet users’ needs in real-time and identify, predict and synchronize services. Decentralized control capability enables phones to communicate directly with devices and provides all necessary framework to bring together infrastructure, sensors, devices and people into a single and flexible system with secure connectivity. Additionally, it allows users to collect terabytes of valuable, actionable, high-definition data.

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