Wireless technology Driving Growth in Four Major Industries

Wireless technology Driving Growth in Four Major Industries

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Next-generation wireless technology is transforming various industry landscapes.

FREMONT, CA: Wireless technology is changing the world. The technological advancements are not just limited to the telecommunication sector but other industries as well. Current wireless technologies and connected devices have already given the industry an idea about the impact of 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, across various industries.

There are majorly four industries that the next-generation wireless technology will impact:


Wireless technology enhances the speed and safety of goods and people moving around the road. The improved connectivity is accelerating a connected transportation ecosystem. Wireless technology has a lot of benefits for the transportation industry- from solo drivers to trucking to public transportation. The next-generation wireless technology is fueling the adoption of smart roads and infrastructure and also re-establishing the transportation value chain.


Remote access and telemedicine are made possible by wireless technology, which results in better care and health outcomes. This greater accessibility lowers unnecessary costs and guarantees that time and distance do not preclude early intervention and preventative maintenance. Consumers are becoming more interested in telehealth and smart monitoring trends because they enable them to make better decisions and obtain better care. Next-generation wireless technology gives more reliable and quicker real-time access, which creates innovations in diagnostics and treatment.

Public safety

Public safety personnel can better serve the people by utilising wireless technology. The next-generation wireless technology is improving public safety through predictive policing, which provides real-time data and alerts to the police and other law governing bodies. Wireless connectivity advancements have the potential to enhance public safety by enabling public safety services such as law enforcement, emergency responders, and public health to carry out their tasks more safely and effectively.


With better access to real-time information, wireless technology is transforming the energy sector. Despite the complexity of ageing infrastructure, connectivity helps to control the electricity utilities, which plays a crucial part in the economy. Increased asset efficiency and lower costs benefit electric utilities, resulting in higher reliability and lower prices for customers and companies, as well as possibilities to invest in new capabilities and technologies, such as renewable energy sources.

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