Wireless Communication: As Wide as Sky!

Wireless Communication: As Wide as Sky!

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, July 22, 2019

The terminology wireless itself carries a reference to the transmission of information or communication over distance, in the absence of cables, wires, or any other conductors. It is one of the most significant media for data communication from one device to another, in a cost-effective and coordinated manner.

FREMONT, CA: In wireless technology, information is acquired and is subsequently transmitted through the air with the application of electromagnetic waves such as satellite, infrared, radio frequencies through a network for communication. In the present time, the technology of wireless connection has taken an essential shape as it enables users to establish communication from any remote locality. Numerous devices are utilized for wireless communications such as mobile, cordless telephones, GPS units, cordless computer parts, and satellite televisions.

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Satellites are one of the varieties of wireless technology, and it has been a dominant technological orientation that allows users to establish virtual connectivity. Satellite phones and portable modems feature strong broadcasting capabilities than the usual cellular devices as they carry higher ranges. But the utilization of technology can be much more expensive than others.

Wireless Connectivity:

Wireless technology establishes connectivity between multiple systems, computers, as well as devices along with requiring cables and wires.

WiMax System:

WiMax systems of wireless broadband provide high-speed web browsing experience without any requirement of connecting it through any DSL or cable. The speed can often drop and turn the system significantly slower as compared with the other broadband coming with hardware. Depending on the span issued from the transmitter, the cost of availing the technology varies besides; it can be used as a form of 4G network that can be utilized through cellular devices.

Wi-Fi Network:

Wi-Fi networks are one of the low-power systems of wireless communication, employed in devices like laptops as well as smartphones, where a router serves the entire connectivity hub all around the place.


The Bluetooth technology allows the users to create a connection between arrays of wireless electronic devices, paving the way for sharing and transferring data from one gadget to another.

The benefits of wireless systems include:

• Convenience: The most significant benefit offered by the wireless communication system is that it is enormously simple to integrate, and users access the network resources from any fitting location.

• Portability: The progression of the public wireless system has empowered users to avail the web domain from distant locations and away from home as well.

• Extensive Nature: Wireless connections can support the drastic rise in the amount of traffic with the existing set of equipment whereas, in any wired network, users have to establish additional wiring for it.

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