Wide Deployment of 5G Networks Spurs Real World Applications

Wide Deployment of 5G Networks Spurs Real World Applications

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, August 12, 2022

Establishing digital technology innovation in the industrial sector is intended to develop systems based on digital technology.

FREMONT, CA: 5G is poised to become a huge business and consumer advantage with the number of commercial networks proliferating and industry case studies becoming increasingly robust. The roll-out of 5G was considered a technological problem, but now it has become an issue of business and finance. There is a need for adoption, which will determine what industries are willing to make it happen. Firms working on developing use cases for 5G in smart manufacturing are exploring the potential of the technology. Through the use of advanced wireless technologies, it can be used to unlock business efficiencies through the use of 5G and prove the potential of 5G in a critical business sector that will benefit significantly from it.

Arts and Media 

Due to 5G's low latency, the arts and media sector will be able to create a fully immersive experience without physically being there. With things like immersive Virtual Reality, it will have a positive effect on the gaming industry. The situation with Covid-19 has also pushed the idea of big bands replacing physical concerts with virtual ones. People could also see other big bands replacing physical concerts with virtual ones. The adoption of 5G technology is leveraging the advancements in the particular sector. 

Automotive sector 

As the development of connected and autonomous vehicles continues, it will become increasingly important to ensure that reliable network connections with adequate bandwidth will be available to enable the installation of various telemetry and navigation systems.


5G networks are used in a factory setting to save space, reduce the amount of expensive cabling needed, and save money. In terms of latency, 5G now has the latency of industrial ethernet, so companies might want to consider replacing some of that cabled infrastructure with an untethered network running on 5G in the future. Anyone who owns a large manufacturing facility could benefit from that kind of solution because it would be very cost-effective.

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