Why Small Businesses should Choose Software Defined Networking

Why Small Businesses should Choose Software Defined Networking

Enterprise Networking Mag | Friday, April 26, 2019

Moving past its initial phase, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is evolving as a significant player in the management of IT infrastructure and network design. It is attractive to businesses due to its potential for cost savings, enhanced network performance, and improved security. Customizing the network to its users’ requirement is a tough call that can be easily met with this centralized software control of the network. As SDN matures, it is getting harder for small businesses to ignore its benefits. Small businesses can reduce management and troubleshooting challenges through the following SDN advantages.

Visibility: With consolidated support, small businesses can more easily see routing, switching, remote access, wired and wireless components, and potential threats from outside. The SDN controller makes it easier to identify errors and translate them from nontechnical staff. Conventionally small business have little non-site IT so that SDN tools can assist abstract networking into more meaningful actions.

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Security: Inconsistent application of rules is the root cause of most security problems. The poorly executed rule will put resources at risk than a malicious hacker outside the firewall. SDN centralizes features and automates their provisioning across the network. The SDN controller can write the instructions out to all the appropriate devices, ensuring accountability and consistency.

Efficiency: SDN shortens the troubleshooting time to resolution, and its consoles can facilitate small businesses with no in-house IT support or lack of technical staff to quickly identify the issue and rule out possibilities. The process increases productivity. The centralized SDN controller can even reside in the cloud enabling remote assistance to monitor from anywhere, also if the network is inaccessible.

Every minute saved amounts to productivity for small businesses. Proper assessment of system and infrastructure can go a long way in avoiding risks in SDN deployment. A successful SD-WAN adoption often depends on having the right vendor partner for small businesses.

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