Why Should Enterprises Adopt Network Monitoring?

Why Should Enterprises Adopt Network Monitoring?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Network Monitoring helps keep an eye on the enterprise's computer network usage and performance, and check for a slow or failing system. For better monitoring, the best tools are needed.

FREMONT, CA:  IT networks are the core of any business. IT can be applied to every department, every section, every employee, and the larger the industry, the more difficult it will be to monitor and maintain that infrastructure and those networks.

It is not only the exterior threat that needs to be monitored but more mundane issues that happen inside the network, such as maintaining security protocols and ensuring network connectivity in the face of patches and upgrades. Both software and hardware can quickly go out of date, leaving the complete IT network vulnerable.

However, there are business solutions that are focused not just on managing the networks but making the whole procedure easier. The issue is to find the network monitoring tools that work best for the business. Let us look at some of the market leaders when it comes to network monitoring tools.


Pulseway helps system administrators and IT departments stay right across their organization's network by contributing to a real-time overview of the machines under operation. It can be used for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices that can be used on mobile devices for full administrative control form the palm of a hand. Personal use of Pulseway across two devices is free, while the subscriptions for larger groups vary depending on the number of machines and whether the platform is used as on-premise or as a SaaS software as a service.

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is about giving maximum visibility of IT infrastructure changes, data access, and system configurations to the IT administrators of any organization. Another critical component is Netwrix's security analytics technology, which monitors the IT environment and enables to detect threats or anomalous user behavior.

Azure Network Watcher

Network Watcher is a product within the Microsoft Azure environment that is especially for the network monitoring of the cloud services. As expected, it allows the enterprises to monitor performance, diagnose problems, and generally gain insights into the network health.

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