Why is SDN Witnessing Wider Adoptions?

Why is SDN Witnessing Wider Adoptions?

Enterprise Networking Mag | Monday, March 15, 2021

SDN is emerging as a new ruler in the domain of networking and communications.

FREMONT, CA: The realm of enterprise communications has been increasingly poised to take full advantage of technology, its evolution, and advancements to the fullest possible extent. All across the industry of networks and communications, enterprises and other clients are witnessing a major and steep rise in the adoption of software-defined networks (SDN). What is making SDN rise and stand as a new wave of innovation in the world of networking? Why are almost all the network technology companies experiencing phenomenal take ways of SDN solutions and services at a dramatic pace? Continue to read in order to get all the answers.

Efficiency could be one of the major characteristic properties of any SDN solution lately. This could also be the driving factor that is pushing the popularity of SDN to a newer height altogether. Well, from the perspective of the user and the platform in which the SDN is integrated, most the technologists are confident about the output that is derived out of the action of SDN. The latest SDN solution suites empower the networking infrastructure as they help in increasing the efficiency in terms of the amount of power consumed.

A new and advanced SDN software solution is dynamically and proactively working on minimizing or eliminating redundancy and also unnecessary hardware and other operational components that are not needed in the processes. In this way, an SDN proves its capability in decluttering and optimizes the amount and number of resources that would be used. To add upon, SDN focuses on lowering the access and transaction of data to and from the data center. This further brings down the overall footprint on the data center to a very large extent.

The rise in the amount and quality of flexibility that SDN offers is critically becoming one of the most significant factors that would drive the adoption of SDN.     

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